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Social Media and its Impact on Student’s Mental Health

Everybody knows this is an online world though it is growing day by day because of many positive factors. This is the reason; today almost every teen is available on social media. Social media has become a vital part of everyone’s life, especially for students, and social media affects students’ life or not? Here you know(social media effects).

Research showed that 95% of teens use smartphones and 45% of those constantly stay online on the media.  The spread of social media in the United States corresponded with a worsening of mental health disorders among teenagers and young adults, leading to speculation that social media could be harmful to mental health (. Although somehow social media is providing benefits to everyone, it has also some consequences, especially for student’s life.

How social media affects student’s life.

Below are some positive and negative effects on social media on student’s life.

Positive effects of social media

The reason behind using social media a lot is because it provides huge benefits for different purposes. Such as:

·         Helps to stay connected

Social media is not about staying connected with friends. Here it can also help you make your new friends and stay connected with them throughout the entire world. You can communicate with them anytime by sending texts, images, or video calls. It all happens just because of social media.

·         Better communication

Social media is not meant for only making new friends. it is a tool to bring everyone closer by bringing new ideas and topics. You can make arguments on specific topics and also can join groups for different kinds of activities.

·        Helps in growing business

As discussed above, today almost every individual is available on social media. Therefore, it is the best way for those students who want to start their business along with their studies.  Social media will help them a lot in marketing purposes.

·         Getting help

Have you ever seen any student looking for a dissertation writing help service or any type of academic project? Though, there is a lot of social media platform where students have joined the groups where they can get any type of help at any time. It helps them a lot get help in a very short time.

·         Spreading news

News can spread out to the entire world with the help of social media. While this can be overwhelming at times but will keep you stay tuned with the updated information. This can be much beneficial if you need something on an urgent basis.

·         Find educational information

Social media is a medium to get any type of information. Here students can get any type of educational information in a very short time. for-example, if a student needs some information about any research proposal help UK based service then he/she just has to become a member of some group where he/she will get every type of information regarding the research paper writing.

Negative effects of social media

However, social media has made everyone’s life easier, but it has some consequences which are very dangerous for students’ health. This is why students are urged to use it within a limit. Anyways, here are some negative effects of social media

·         Depression and anxiety

As discussed above, it provides all kinds of information to the people. Therefore, not every piece of information does not have to be good for everyone, sometimes it can create huge difficulties in a student’s life. This is the reason, students are urged to set their limits on social media and try to communicate more face-to-face.

·         Fear of missing out

This is the reason, most students become demotivated because they see something different on social media and imagine themselves as they are not living a proper life according to social media. It does not only make them demotivated but also make them stressed which can be very dangerous for the student’s mental as well as physical life.

·         Believing in rumors that aren’t true

It doesn’t matter if the information you acquire from social media networks is accurate. However, you may argue that the information you acquire on social media is nearly entirely inaccurate. Therefore, check to see if it’s accurate before you believe it, and don’t rely on another social media platform to do so. Make an effort to get confirmation from a friend or someone else.

·         Triggers more sadness

Overuse of social media means keeping yourself sad. A study suggests that Facebook was linked to both less moment-to-moment happiness and less life satisfaction. A person who uses more Facebook in a day will seem sad as compared to others.

·         Isolation

The majority of students believe that social media is their actual friend and that it never leaves them alone. In actuality, social media is the sole thing that makes you feel lonely because students who spend more time on social media are less likely to want to communicate with their friends physically.

·         Students learn to compare themselves with others

Students learn to compare themselves with others this is one of the most common problems among students that can impact students’ lives. Physically as well as mentally and comparing starts from social media, especially Facebook where students see others are living their life happily and start getting tense. However, some students even try things on which they believe they can change their entire life.

How to avoid the negative effects of social media

It is better to control yourself from being addicted to social media and its effects. To do so, you need to try:

  • Understand that social media is not a real life
  • Stop comparing yourself. Everyone is better in their own way.
  • Understand social media completely
  • Don’t believe on every news you get on social media

Final thoughts

The world is still trying to learn completely about social media because there are some positive as well as negative effects. Therefore, studies can’t even suggest whether it is completely good or bad, but the overuse of social media is a complete disaster. It can even lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness and many other mental health issues. Further, this article will provide all the information about social including its advantages and disadvantages and you will learn how to control yourself from being addicted to social media.

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