Should You Invest in Mobile App Development in 2022?

Most businesses desire to create a mobile app in this age of smartphones. In these current times, where COVID-19 has forced people to work from home, and everyone is spending more time on mobile app development.

A survey found that in the first half of 2022, mobile app users spent $50.1 billion globally across both the Google Play Store and App Store. Owning an app can help your business reach more people and promote it. We will now look at it in detail and discuss why every business should invest in app development for 2020.

Why invest in Mobile App Development?

A customer is the most important thing for a business. Companies launch mobile apps to reach customers around the globe. These are just a few reasons that you, as a business owner, should consider investing in a mobile app for your company.

Personalized Services

Mobile apps are a simple way to gather all information about customers. Mobile apps allow you to find out about your client’s searches and purchases. Businesses can also provide personalized services to clients by accurately analyzing the data.

Brand endorsements

A mobile app is the best way to build your brand. A mobile app can help you build a reputation. People don’t like to purchase anything unless they have read the reviews. If you offer the best service, customers will leave reviews for your app which can add value to the brand.

You can also remind customers about your services by offering them discounts and offers.


Everything has changed over the past few years thanks to new technologies. Many tasks can be performed using mobile apps. You can make payments online for everything you purchase.

Companies are switching to eCommerce and mobile apps because of the growing use of mobile devices.

24/7 Visibility

A business app allows you to take advantage of customers’ mobile devices. A mobile app development company can create a user-friendly application for your business to provide the best possible services to customers.

Customer Communication

A mobile app can be a great business solution. It allows customers to interact with you via their smartphone. Through the mobile app, customers can contact the business owner to ask questions or complain about service issues.

Value Creation

According to reports, 94% of American businesses have at least 1 business app. Companies that invest in app development to provide fully functional apps attract customers and give the impression of authenticity.

Valuable Analytics

Businesses are creating mobile apps to boost customer traffic due to the rising popularity of smartphones and mobile applications. Before the app can be downloaded, the user must fill out some information. This information is useful for creating a customer persona using mobile data and can give you a competitive edge in your industry.

The data collected can be used to provide personalized services to users. This data can be used by businesses to understand leads and convert visitors into customers.

Greater accessibility

A professional-looking mobile app allows a business to showcase its products and services to clients. Customers can access company services and products via the mobile app at any time.

These points will help you see the benefits of investing in app development for your business, especially if you plan to develop an app in 2020 when the world of digitalization is rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

To wrap up with

If you are looking to grow your business online, mobile app development is the best technology trend. It is a smart decision to invest in app development. Consider the following points. Companies like Artoon Solutions have mobile app developers that can help you build an app that will make you more.

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