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Selling the Exteriors through Twilight Photography

Before selling any real estate property, contacting a real estate professional twilight photographer is the first step towards securing the goal. When we say professional, it represents the entire package. Professional towards work ethics including preparedness and being on-time.

Photography itself is an art. Hence, pros in the real estate industry are considered to be creative and talented a well. When these traits are combined with professionalism, it is a very successful tandem.

One example of this combination is the use of twilight settings in real estate photography. Most often than not, potential clients prefer to see the exteriors of a property as a pull-on. This often inspires a sense of optimism and expectation about the interior of the house. It gives potential customers a wider perception when buying a property.

Day-to-Dusk photography, also known as twilight settings, shows the exterior landscape features.

In doing real estate photo editing, especially for exterior shots, ensure to keep in mind the following:

Brightness and Contrast Adjustment

The image’s levels of darkness and brightness are different from level of exposure. Exposure is the amount of light reaching the photo. Changes in the darkness or brightness of an image have an effect in the photo’s mid-tones. In order to resolve this, this is where white balance comes in. To provide focus on detail, fine-tuning of the white balance should be done to make the photo stand out.

Image Color Correction

With the fine-tuning of the photo through the white balance, it also removes any color casts on the image. Color correction on images is a way to change the colors present in the photo. However, if there If the colors are already fine there, change is not necessary.

Minor imperfections will really affect a photograph, but by removing these defects, the image will appear more authentic.

Adding and Removing Objects

In photo editing, adding and removing of objects is normal. Bear in mind that in these edits, we have to be factual with the changes. This is so as to not surprise the clients when they come and visit the property. In line with that, for aesthetic reasons, some unwanted objects are also removed through cropping and editing.

Using the Day to Night Conversion in Photoshop can do wonders. Prospective clients may envision the property given these options of seeing the image of the house in a day or at night-time.

Alignment of Lines

When viewing a landscape photo, keep in mind that lines are aligned and easy on the eyes. Vertical lines can convey strength and durability. Edit the photo by the use of the Lens Corrections panel in Adobe Lightroom.

Horizontal lines are seen when photos are viewed from left to right. This line is the more prominent line compared to the verticals. It shows calmness, stability and weight.

There are still a lot of other editing information and tips users need to know as a real estate photographer. Everything takes place whilst being in photography. Make sure your eye is equipped and started shooting. Find angles that are perfect for space and property.

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