QuickBooks Error 3180: What are the Steps To Resolve it?

QuickBooks error 3180 appears when users send an employee record to QuickBooks or send time sections to QuickBooks software for the finance. The error 3180 can also picture if the QuickBooks desktop sales tax item is not capable of associating with any retailer shortly. Most of the time, this error appears in the middle of the program installation. This blog is all about that how can we detect QuickBooks error 3180 and fix it possibly. Scroll down and read all the steps to go through every solution which can remove the following error instantly.

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 3180

If QuickBooks error 3180 will show up, there are some symptoms also can be seen before the error:

  1. You will see a message of crashing the active program window.
  2. Computer system starts freezing periodically

Why Do We Get QuickBooks Error 3180?

There are several reasons which can cause the following error and give you a headache while using the accounting application. Some of the main reasons are listed here:

  1. Due to incorrect account mapping of sales tax payment account
  2. QuickBooks is not installed or downloaded properly
  3. The Expenses Office Vendor is not set to a kind of Tax company
  4. Sales tax payable account is as the target account

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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 3180

QuickBooks error 3180 can be fixed within the least expected time, here some important are mentioned below:

Solution 1. Merge all the items in QuickBooks Application

  1. Open the QuickBooks
  2. Click on the list then go to the item
  3. Select the include inactive option
  4. Now click on the Type Header and rename the point of sale payment items
  5. Go to point of sale option and click on edit items
  6. Add OLD to the item name then Click OK
  7. Start Financial exchange
  8. Back to QuickBooks desktop and merge the duplicate items
  9. Select on Payment Method with OLD
  10. Click on OK and choose YES.

Solution 2. Confirm Your Tax Preference Properly

  1. Open the QuickBooks point of sale
  2. Click on the file menu and choose preference
  3. Click on Company option and select Accounts Under Financial
  4. Click on basic and advanced tabs
  5. Toggle QuickBooks sales tax payable is only listed in the sales tax row
  6. Change it and Run Financial Exchange

Solution 3. Assign the Vendor to the Sales Tax Item

  1. Open QuickBooks software then open the list
  2. Click on the item and choose to include inactive
  3. Select the Type column to sort the list
  4. Check all the sales tax item are attached to the tax agency.

Solution 4. Create a New Cash Method

  1. Go to Customer & Vendor Profile lists
  2. Click on the cash method
  3. Choose the Edit Payment Method
  4. Add the letter X in the Payment Method Field
  5. Click on OK
  6. Select Cash Method and Go for New option
  7. Now create a new Cash Method and Run Financial Exchange

Solution 5. Recreate the Paid Out

  1. Open Sales History from QuickBooks Point of sale
  2. Click on Column and select Customize Columns
  3. Make sure QuickBooks Status is selected
  4. Check all the receipts
  5. Click on Reverse Receipt
  6. Now recreate the paid out and run financial exchange.

QuickBooks error 3180 is an error which can harm your accounting services and create unwanted work delays so you need to fix the error as soon as possible and with the help of all the above steps, you can counter the error in an easy step. Just in case you need any other, you can call QuickBooks specialists from any nook of the globe through toll-free number 1.855.738.2784 and resolve your issue quickly.

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