Quick Ways to Get PayPal gift card

A Paypal gift card is a very interesting concept for sending and receiving digital gifts. There was a time when the gift was limited to a physical form but now you do not have to think about it just send the gift card and let them buy something from themself. You can send the gift card to your friends family or anyone you like to make their day even more beautiful. But how? This is a new digital concept that’s why many users are not familiar with it that’s why questions arise about its process and safety.  We have done our research for you which will clear your doubt about PayPal gift cards you must read this post till the end before buying a PayPal gift card

The digital world comes with confusion for some people like yes it is difficult in a way because if you miss one single step then it will not function. It is very important to clear the whole process and its use. Now let’s just not waste any further time and dig deep into it 

What is a PayPal gift card? 

Long story short PayPal gift card is a digital gift card that has some specific amount you added and you can use it in any online store connected to PayPal. It is a very interesting concept that solves the problem of choosing a gift. PayPal gift card is accepted by thousands of online stores and brand. It is a very useful gift that is in demand as it is easy to use and accepted mostly everywhere. Even buying it is also the very easy only thing you want is a business account. PayPal gift card comes with no extra cost so you just have to pay for the value and nothing else. Now let’s find out how do I get a PayPal gift card?

How do I get a PayPal gift card?

Before buying a PayPal gift card it is very important to clarify some facts. For buying a PayPal gift card you must be the owner of the business account. If you don’t own a business account then don’t need to worry the registration is completely free. Another fact is that there is no charge for PayPal gift cards. 

A business card owner can buy a PayPal card at no extra cost. Just open your PayPal app and then login into your business account. Now you can buy a PayPal gift card by just paying its value, not any further extra cost. 

When and where I can use my PayPal gift card

A PayPal gift card is a digital card that has come specific amount which you can use to buy anything you want online. This e-card is accepted by thousands of online stores. You can use it to buy yourself a dress from an online store or any electronics and whatnot. There is a never-ending list of stuff you can do with a PayPal gift card.  One of the best features of a PayPal gift card is that it does not expire. There is no expiry date to use a PayPal gift card so you can use it whenever and where ever you want. 

How to add a Visa gift card to PayPal

If you are looking for the answer to this question, How to add a Visa gift card to PayPal? You must already be part of the prepaid card and want to use it on your PayPal wallet. You can add your visa gift card to PayPal by just following some steps given below. 

  • Open PayPal 
  • Log in to your PayPal account 
  • Click on the wallet mentioned on your home screen 
  • drop-down menu
  • Click on “Link a debit or credit card”
  • Select “Link a card”

Now for linking your card follow the instructions given bellow 

  • Enter basic information 
  • Type your CVV number 
  • Type your card expiry details.
  • Click on the link card 
  • Select done 
  • Confirm the process 

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