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In this post, we will leave you some tips to keep the house clean and tidy that you can easily apply in your daily routine.

December is a month of celebrations and guests at home, so it is normal that during these dates we worry even more about cleaning the home. Work, parties, and Christmas shopping reduce the time spent at home. Therefore, having a company like SCS Group Cleaning Solution, which leaves your house spotless, will help you to better distribute your time. Here we leave you a series of tricks for the quick cleaning of the home. 

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Preliminary step: order

If we want to do a quick cleaning, the first thing to do is tidy up. If there are things on the floor or in places that do not belong to you, cleaning will be much more cumbersome and, therefore, take longer.

In this post, we will leave you some tips to keep the house clean and tidy that you can easily apply in your daily routine.

 How to house clean fast?

One trick to making house cleaning fast is to start from the top down. To speed up the work, start by cleaning the upper areas and then, finally, the floor. Thus, if the furniture is dusted first and then the floors, there will be no need to go over the dust that falls.


To clean the dust quickly, it is best to use a damp cloth or cloth and then dry with a dry cloth. If there is a lot of dust accumulation, you can dilute a little soap or liquid detergent in the water. And with furniture with a lot of friction, such as doors, you can use a little liquid wax.


Cleaning windows is usually a rather cumbersome task, depending on the type of glass you have. When cleaning is very cumbersome or unsafe, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of professionals who carry out this task without putting themselves in danger.

The first thing to clean is the blinds, inside and out. For that, the best thing is to lower the blind of everything and clean them with a sponge dipped in soapy water. Before uploading them again, they must be dried and for that, you can use dry napkins or cloths. Once clean, we should clean the window frames with the same sponge. For crystals, it is best to use a cloth moistened with hot soapy water and then use a glass cleaner or crystallizer to remove the soap.



We should apply a bathroom cleaning product to the toilet bowl and drains. It is necessary to let it act for a few minutes and then it clears up.

For the sink and the furniture where it fits, a cleaning and disinfectant product is used. We can also use the same products for the bathtub or shower tray and for the bidet if you have one.

With a damp microfiber cloth, clean the taps, the sink, and, finally, the toilet bowl. These surfaces can be air dried or wiped dry with paper towels.


The kitchen

There are many disinfectant options or special grease removers for kitchens. Spray this product on countertops and then rub it with a soft sponge to avoid scratching the surface. If there are residues that are difficult to clean, leave the product to work for a few minutes. Then rinse off excess grease remover with a damp cloth until shiny and finally dry with a clean cloth.

To clean the ceramic hob, our main quick cleaning tip is to always go over it after cooking. In this way, you avoid accumulating dirt until the day the general cleaning of the house is done.

We recommend using a specific product for this surface and avoiding using the same product for the countertop. In this case, you should always clean the extractor hood first and then the plate, since residues can fall on it and thus avoid cleaning it twice.


The soils

To clean floors, the fastest and most efficient way is to sweep or vacuum first and then mop. We should preferably use the vacuum cleaner before the broom as it raises much less dust and cleans carpets and rugs more thoroughly. A trick to leave a good smell is to put a scented paper towel in the tank of the vacuum cleaner. Another very helpful tip is to shake the rugs outside, as long as they are small, and this ensures greater cleaning.


Hire an expert cleaning company

Now you know how to do a quick house cleaning, but what is faster than calling a professional cleaning company to do it for you? At SCS Group Cleaning, we are experts in carrying out express and comprehensive cleaning of the home. There will not be a corner that will resist us: floors, glass, or carpets. Any surface will gleam in our hands.

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