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Prime Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development in 2023

Choose PHP for Web Development

With the evolution of technology, modern-day businesses are not restricted to any boundaries, thanks to the websites that allow them to reach every nook and corner of the earth. When it comes to web development, PHP is among the top technologies. More than 79% of businesses have websites built with PHP. It is all about handling the back end of a website or a web application.

Are you a business confused about which programming language you need to deploy for your web development project? So, PHP can be the correct programming language for you to deploy in your web development project per the needs and requirements of your business. PHP is suitable for a wide range of website and web app development projects. You can choose a credible PHP development company to create an unmatchable website or web app for your business.

This blog highlights the prime reasons for choosing PHP for web development. 

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It can work with any OS.

This is one of the significant advantages of PHP. It is a server-side language that can create cross-platform web development solutions swiftly. PHP covers all the major operating systems and is implementable on numerous platforms.

PHP is compatible with different OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix. This server-side language is helpful in creating cross-platform applications very conveniently.

To build robust web solutions, you can hire a PHP web development company that can efficiently meet your requirements by developing the right solution.

Effective for CMS

One of the significant benefits of picking PHP for web development projects is that it powers most of content management systems. 

Content Management Systems, including Drupal, Magento, WordPress, etc, are created on PHP or its framework. So, you can easily work with any CMS if you have opted for PHP as your web project’s primary technology. Also, you can suitably customize the website in CMS by using PHP.

Less time-consuming

It is a partially object-oriented language, meaning the reusability of the code is possible. When code is reused, it saves a lot of time and effort in the development process. Apart from the reusability factor, many PHP frameworks, such as Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc., offer excellent features and faster and more secure development processes. From the perspective of a business, it can be said that the money, time, and effort spent on the development process of a web development project built on PHP will return in bringing better returns.

Fast Loading

A website’s loading speed is crucial for improving the retention ratio of users. Usually, the attention span of users revolves around 5 to 8 seconds, and if the website is slower, then the attention span of the users leaves and never comes back.

Users tend to surf on a site that can give them fast results; this improves the website’s loading speed and enhances the user retention ratio. Websites developed on PHP ensure a quick turnaround with fast loading time. This, in turn, can help a website or a business to stand apart from the competition by having a fast site speed. 

A bundle full of Resources

One of the significant advantages of using PHP for web development projects is that it provides numerous tools and libraries that enhance web development capabilities.

With the use of these libraries and tools like PHPUnit for testing, you can build websites/web applications with extended functionalities. Also, these tools and libraries help you build websites or web apps with specific features or functionalities. Also, PHP offers many extensions that enhance the power of this programming language.

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Let’s Wrap it

PHP and its frameworks have seen phenomenal growth over the years. Because of its capability to deliver dynamic web solutions, it has become the most preferred choice among businesses.

As an open-source programming language, PHP is a cost-effective, less time-consuming server-side language that caters to numerous business solutions. You can utilize PHP to build complex web development solutions. You can hire a PHP developer with sound knowledge of this server-side language to create well-customized websites or web apps.

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