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Practice Mayurasana properly for good health and beauty

Practicing yoga asanas regularly is very beneficial to keep the body healthy and free from diseases. People in India have been practicing yoga since time immemorial. Looking at the benefits and effects of yoga, today people all over the world are adopting yoga. Practicing Yoga Asanas regularly and properly is very useful to keep the body fit and healthy. If you want to make the body healthy and beautiful, then the practice of Mayurasana is very beneficial for you. By doing regular practice of Mayurasana, you get benefit in many serious problems related to stomach. Its practice is also very beneficial for the muscles of your body. Let us know in detail the benefits of Mayurasana and the method of its practice.

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Benefits of Mayurasana Yoga:

Mayurasana is an effective and beneficial yoga posture for the body. As the name suggests, in this yoga posture, you have to remain in the shape of a peacock. Mayurasana is called Peacock Pose in English. Proper practice of Mayurasana yoga gives you a lot of benefit in stomach related problems. The practice of Mayurasana is a bit difficult in the beginning but if you practice continuously, then in a few days you will be able to practice it easily. Regular practice of Mayurasana helps in flushing out the toxins present in your body, thereby detoxifying your body. By practicing it regularly, you also get benefit in serious problems like fever and tumours. The practice of Mayurasana is also very beneficial for keeping the digestive system strong and keeping the organs present inside the abdomen healthy. Some of the major benefits of practicing Mayurasana are as follows.


  • Mayurasana is very beneficial for the muscles of the body.
  • The level of blood sugar in the body is controlled.
  • Beneficial for improving the stomach and digestive system.
  • Useful in removing problems related to fertility in men.
  • Useful in providing relief to women from problems during periods.
  • Useful in reducing the extra fat present in the body.
  • It is very beneficial for problems related to the digestive system.
  • The practice of Mayurasana is very beneficial for the kidney, stomach, liver and intestines.
  • Very useful for making bones strong.
  • Beneficial Mayurasana to enhance the beauty of the body and face.

How to practice Peacock-Pose:

  • First of all, sit on your knees by laying a yoga mat in a clean and ventilated place.
  • Now keep your hands on the floor while keeping your knees spread.
  • Keep the fingers of the hand on the side of your foot.
  • After this, bend your hand towards the elbows and relax the upper part.
  • During this your elbows should be towards the side of the navel.
  • After this, while bending forward, pull your legs backwards and keep the lower part of the body tight.
  • During this, maintain the balance of the body and after staying in this posture for 30 seconds, come to the normal position.

By practising Mayurasana, you not only get benefits in problems related to the digestive system, but its practice is also considered a panacea for diabetic patients. The practice of Mayurasana is very beneficial for reducing the blood sugar present in the body and expending energy. People who have undergone any kind of surgery or are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure should not practice asana. Apart from this, patients of ulcer, hernia and heart diseases should avoid practicing Mayurasana.

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