Power of Data to Drive Your Business Digital Transformation

The world never stops evolving and because of this, you need to take steady steps towards your business digital transformation so your business can survive in the world today.

Data is the factor that will help you achieve your business digital transformation. 

To understand how powerful data is you need to learn what it can do for you, so keep on reading to understand what power data has to drive your business digital transformation journey:

What Is Digital Transformation?

You will get to hear the word Digital transformation from many people around you but there is no perfect definition for it. This is because digital transformation can mean different things to a different business. 

For instance, if you are running a retail store, digital transformation for you can mean changing your business model by adding an eCommerce factor to a brick-and-mortar store. If you are running an online essay writing service in Los Angeles and already have digital commerce in place, it can mean altering processes or approving more digital technologies. This is important to analyze customer behavior and qualities to personalize its product offerings further as well as provide a better customer experience.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Your business may need technology, digital processes, organizational change but on top of it all, it requires you to focus on data. This is the main accelerant of any digital transformation journey.

Business Problems Hindering Successful Data Initiatives:

As the technologies and consumers’ expectations continue to progress your business has to keep up with their pace. 

The data is used in designing new or enhancing the exciting product your business offers. Moreover, data can be sold as a product itself. This enables your business to become digitally transformed and compete in the digital economy.

Data will be of no use to your brand unless you analyze it. While data provides the information, data analytics give the insights which allow you to make informed decisions. Wherever there is data it needs to be analyzed for it to become really powerful.

The use of data and its analysis as a thread that weaves your digital transformation allows you to deal with modern business issues that act as obstacles in the way of getting successful data initiatives. These modern business issues include:

Data Siloes:

Data silos are a source of data that is controlled by one department and isolated from the rest of a business. (Stedman & Fredsall, 2021). 

You encountered unusual difficulty in retrieving data on the grounds that the data is mentioned and circulated in different units, phases and unusual devices. This in turn optimizes its worth. If you use the data as the main driving force of your digital transformation, it gives you the leverage of considering technologies and strategies. This enables your business to bring together data from different sources and systems so you can visualize the big picture.

Meeting Customer Expectations:

Nowadays, customers expect you to give them a seamless end-to-end experience.

For example, if you are running an essay writing service in USA then your core value is to give your customers premium quality work (Professionalessayservice, 2018). You can only do so by relying on data to help you out.

With the help of data, you understand who your customers are and what their requirements and desires are. Furthermore, you will also know what they are buying, how often, when, and how they like to engage.

A business digital transformation that gives attention to data enables technology and processes. This in turn helps you gather and analyze that data and your customer expectations are met as they advance.

Data Components Needed For Business Digital Transformation

A Defined Data Strategy:

A data strategy is more than being all about data. It is a clear plan that pinpoints the people, technology, and processes your brand requires to use data for accomplishing its business goals. A definite data strategy aids your digital transformation by catering to concerns like:

  • Use of data to aid your business objectives and resolve business difficulties driving your business ahead in the digital economy.
  • Source of data and its quality and provision insights that allow you to understand your customers and their requirements better
  • Procedures are required to guarantee that the data is of high quality and is available, etc

Data Management Plan:

After your data strategy is in place, the next step is to define how you will manage the data. This is especially important if you aim to solve business problems like getting rid of data silos and reducing data quality problems. An effective data management plan enhances your business digital transformation and allows you to:

  • Describe how to manage, protect, and utilize the data during its entire lifecycle.
  • Facilitate business users in having access to significant data and analytics. This in turn encourages them to make most of their business goals.

A Defined Change Management Plan: 

If you do not have a plan to encourage user adoption. The chances of you achieving your digital transformation business goals will decrease. 

You should always have a plan to effectively communicate your data and analytics strategy. Avail buy-in early and frequently, and ensure to train end-users regarding why data is important and how to use it in their everyday tasks. Moreover, never forget to celebrate your wins.


After reading this post it must not surprise you how powerful data is to drive your business digital transformation. So make sure that you make no mistakes in gathering data. 


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