Planning Your First Business Mobile Application? – Here’s What You Should Know!

Smartphone users have increased in number tremendously. It has elevated the use of mobile applications in numerous ways. There are almost 2.87 million applications available on the Google Play Store. You will be surprised to know that 21% of millennials open a mobile application over 50 times per day. Furthermore, 49% of people unlocked an app more than 11 times a day. mobile app development.

Today, every business in the market goes for mobile app development to expand their customer base. But how does a company know the application development process? So, we are here to help corporations set their venture online with our steadfast IT solutions.

Mobile Application Development Process – Step-wise Rundown of App Development

Applications are a great way to build brand awareness and interact with your customers. The app development may be time-consuming, but it is worth waiting for. Because you can showcase your brand, sell products or services, and get to know your customers better. Do you know that you can achieve your business goals with an application? Let’s see how!

1. Create an Idea

Before moving with mobile app development, one must have a viable idea for it. The concept of an app depends on the problem you want to solve. If you understand the problem, you need to find a unique way to provide the resolution. Successful businesses in the market solve a customer’s issue in a way no one could have imagined. See around and see how exactly an app is solving the problem.

Look for ideas in your daily life and simply jot down all the visions you have thought to create. This way, you will have one out-of-the-box app idea for your venture.

2. Analyse the Market

Once you have decided on your app idea, you should see if there’s a need in the market for your concept. It is critical to validate your idea before proceeding with mobile app development company . If you begin developing an app without market research, it may waste your money, time, and resources. It is good to create market surveys, conduct interviews, research your competitors, and figure out how you can improve customer experience.

3. Make a List of App Features

Deciding on app features is one of the most crucial steps in the development process. Here, you need to determine the core functionality of your app. A lot of features don’t define the robustness of your app. But if you add a few features that are significant to your mobile app development, they can help your application run flawlessly. Also, you should know that each element adds to the cost and development time. So, make sure to add only the necessary features to your app.

Some of the critical features of an application are push notifications, technical support, GPS capabilities, user directory, etc. With the help of a mobile app development company, you can add these significant features to your application.

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4. Build a Wireframe

A wireframe is a rough design of your application. It doesn’t have to be perfect or formal, and you don’t need a professional designer. You can create the wireframe anywhere. The core purpose of the wireframe is to illustrate the application’s features and layouts. The draft wireframe will not be a final design because there will be changes in the definitive app.

Here you can map out the user journey. How the mobile application will look? What will be the next page? With the help of a wireframe, you can showcase your vision to your team.

5. Select a Development Method

Technology is paramount when creating a mobile app.  It has provided many ways to build an application. Selecting a development method is one of the vital steps in mobile app development. Before creating an application, you need to determine the best platform which suits your business. Choosing the right platform for your app development depends on numerous factors like app type, budget, development time, etc. There are different development methods, such as native, hybrid, and cross-platform.

6. Testing & Quality Assurance

When an application is complete, the next step is to test the app on existing mobile platforms. A quality assurance person should check the app on every device to see if it functions properly. The testing device may be an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Tablet, and more. Also, make sure that the app works online/offline or not.

If you are only checking the app once on your device and assuming it is operating fine, then you are making a mistake. Hire a mobile app development company for more technical know-how.

Developing a Mobile App Becomes Easy With the Right Assistance!

The first mobile application should be unique and intriguing. It must captivate users’ attention and create brand awareness.  Therefore, you need someone who doesn’t make the perfect mobile app but the good one with all the essential features. The app must come up with new updates constantly.

All you need is a trustworthy mobile app development company to create a successful application. Trank Technologies is a 10+-year-old fast-growing IT & software solutions firm. We are a trusted mobile app development company in India that constructs an omnipresent brand identity with a robust mobile application.

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