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Plan a Trip to India’s Spiti Valley to Explore the Unknown “Middle Land.”


The state of Himachal Pradesh expands its tourism empire. India’s “Cold Desert” AKA the state’s Lahaul and Spiti District. This popular location is well-known for its Spiti Valley trekking, camping, and vehicle safari experiences. A variety of adventurous activities are available in numerous areas. However, it is only accessible in the summer because the ground is always cover with snow. This area is listed as one of Himachal Pradesh’s rural and remote districts due to its great remoteness and lack of amenities. Visits to the paradise on earth, however, are once-in-a-lifetime events(spiti Valley Tour).

In addition to tourism, the regional economy is based on agriculture, state financing, and particular hiring practises for federal jobs around the country. Each year, thousands of visitors arrive and depart with lifelong memories. The finest months for a Spiti Valley Jeep Safari are May through September, although it’s best to avoid those months because the rainy season starts in July. Lahaul and Spiti are connect to other parts of India via the Manali and Shimla Regional Council Districts. There aren’t many options for public or private transportation, and certain places can only  visit with a permit from local authorities. The Kinnaur, Sangla, and Kalpa areas are a few of the Special Permit Zones.

The region is well known for its Tibetan monasteries and tallest settlement in the country in addition to its stunning natural surroundings and chilly desert environment. Spiti Valley The best option for getting to this location is a Jeep safari because it gives you entire facilities and a practical approach to explore in such remote locations. Rohtang Pass and Chandertal Lake are the first attractions on a jeep safari excursion.

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Spiti valley Tour

The Spiti Valley is a lesser-known area that is removed from civilisation. It is a barren mountain valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India, bordered by the rugged Himalayas, and it nearly seems strange. Due to its location halfway between Tibet and India, Spiti, one of the least populated regions of the country, is refer as the “middle land.” Therefore, if you appreciate travelling and mountains, a vacation to this part of the world is a must.

The Spiti Valley Jeep Safari is our most well-liked tour and one of the best ways to see Spiti. If you want to change the timetable shown below, we also provide customize jeep safari experiences.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Lahaul & Spiti is during the summer, or from mid-May to mid-October, because the area is covered in snow and the Lahaul Valley is closed off from the outside world from October to May due to the closure of the Rohtang Pass. Despite being an area that is practically year-round, Spiti.

Museums/Art Galleries, Forts:

A theatre and a museum of tribal art are being construct at Keylong. Along with ancient artefacts, the museum features Thanka paintings and ordinary utensils from the era before the District developed contemporary mechanised equipment. Manuscripts written in Tankri and Bhoti scripts can also be view in the museum. The museum also features a lovely auditorium where cultural activities can perform. Except for Tuesday, every working day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, including Sunday, is available to the general public. The administrative management of the museum is vest in the Department of Language, Art, and Culture.

A small museum has also been established in Kyuling as a result of the nono of Spiti’s cult, who presided as the region’s leading Wazir under fictitious British rule before independence (Spiti).

Pin Valley National Park:

There, at a height of 12,000 metres above sea level, is where Spiti’s Pin Valley National Park is located. Threatened species that live there include the Lynx, the sizable Bharal or Blue Sheep, the uncommon Himalayan Ibex, and the Snow Leopard.

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