Parker Tube Fittings For High Pressure Applications

If you’re looking for a quality tube fitting that can withstand high pressures, consider Parker’s Triple-LokTM tube fittings. These fittings come with a variety of port options including SAE straight thread, NPT/NPTF, BSPP, ISO 6149, and metric. In addition to standard sizes, Parker also offers stainless steel and brass tube fittings. In addition to offering a variety of fitting options, many of its Triple-Lok products can handle high working pressures, up to 517 bar.

Parker Fluid Connector Divisions

As a global leader in fluid connector innovation, Parker’s Instrumentation Products Division is the leading manufacturer of flow control, environmental and process systems. Its Hydraulic Valve Division is a one-stop shop for hydraulic valves, including industrial standard, mobile, and specialty products. Its Hose Products Division offers a comprehensive range of barb fittings. Whether you need a new connector for your hydraulic cylinder or an entire hydraulic system, Parker’s team of professionals is ready to help you get the job done right.

Its Fluid Connector Division includes the Parker Hose Products Division, which is formerly known as the Industrial Hose Division, the Parker Tube Fitting Division, and the Diagnostic Electronics Division. Among these products are tubing in a variety of colors, and reusable and permanent hose fittings. Additionally, its Fluid Systems Connector Division offers brass, composite, and thermoplastic fittings. These hoses meet government requirements and offer full suction capabilities and kink resistance.

Parker is dedicated to meeting the needs of the most diverse industries and markets, from general industry to the most demanding industries. Its extensive line of fluid connectors includes state-of-the-art valves, fittings, and quick couplings. They also offer pressure hose, conveyance hose, and valves. All Parker products are available in a variety of core-tube materials and reinforcement designs, as well as outer covers. The company maintains a global service network to support their customers’ needs and deliver exceptional quality products and service.

ParKlamp Inch Tube and Hose Clamps

Inch Tube and Hose Clamps from Parker are designed to fit pipes and hoses of different diameters and lengths. Their design includes two equal halves and a ribbed bore to provide a secure fix and excellent vibration and noise dampening. These clamps are available in seven standard sizes. For more information, visit Parker’s website. Here, you will learn more about the different types of pipe clamps available for purchase.

Ermeto Series C tube clamps are designed for use in applications that require high tensile strength and abrasion resistance. They have webs inside the bores to reduce the risk of slipping and are designed for high-speed cable and hose connections. They are available in seven standard sizes and two versions with welding plates. The Ermeto Series A tube clamp is also available in closed and round/closed constructions.

ParKlamp Inch Tube and Hose Clamps feature a locking plate, weld plate, elongated mounting rail, hexagon rail nuts, and heavy cover plates. These clamps are compatible with the WPE-1, WPE-2, and WPE-3 hose dimensions. The heavy cover plate is included in WPE-4 and WPE-5. The Heavy Series has an additional bolt for securing heavy cover plates.

The Heavy Series of Parker Inch Tube and Hose Clamps is specifically designed for applications where a tight restrain is needed. The clamps are designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration forces that are typical in fluid power systems. These products are available in real-time, so you can quickly check availability. You can reserve a product if you complete the order. The website also has live inventory updates so you can order any tube clamps you may need.

Seal-Lok Xtreme(tm)

When your application demands the highest degree of reliability and corrosion resistance, consider a Parker Tube Fitting. Its unique o-ring face seal technology (ORFS) is available in 316 stainless steel, but can be ordered in any other material, too. The Seal-Lok Xtreme is available with an XTR Coating for extra resistance to caustic environments, such as those involving urea.

The patented stainless steel sealing ring provides leak-free, corrosion-resistant connections for the harshest environments. The patented ORFS design, zero-clearance interface, and field-replaceable seals ensure the seal is always working. The Xtreme and Seal-Lok Xtreme seals can be re-used infinitely. They are manufactured by Parker Hannifin, a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies.

With the patented metal seal on Seal-Lok Xtreme, Parker has further extended the Seal-Lok product line. This newest product meets ECE R110 requirements and SAE J1926 O-ring boss port ends. It also offers success in the chemical and thermal cycle. And Parker’s engineers have proven the performance of the new Seal-Lok Xtreme.

The Seal-Lok Xtreme(TM) system has undergone rigorous testing for sealing reliability and robustness. This patented technology has also been combined with Parflange(tm) weldless flanging technology by Parker to create a patented sealing system. This new system has expanded the use of ORFS fittings in applications previously unknown to the industry.

Seal-Lok Xtreme(r)

The new patented Seal-Lok Xtreme Parker tube fitting has a metal sealing ring and O-ring face seal for high pressure and temperature applications. The Seal-Lok Xtreme has been extensively tested in extreme environments. For instance, it was tested with a helium mass spectrometer and can withstand working pressures of 5,850 psi. Moreover, it has a zero-clearance interface and a field-replaceable seal.

For applications where the seal’s integrity is critical, Parker offers the ORFS (o-ring face seal) system, which utilizes a patented SAE J1926 metal seal. This option enables users to choose the best fitting for their specific needs. Parker also offers a stainless steel version of the Seal-Lok Xtreme, which satisfies a broader range of applications.

The metal face seal technology used in the Seal-Lok Xtreme is superior to the elastomeric type and allows for leak-free connections. They are also highly resistant to temperature and chemical conditions, while offering up to 6,000-PSI working pressure. They are also vibration-resistant. These advantages make them the perfect choice for demanding applications. And since they are able to withstand a high level of pressure, Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings are a smart choice for many applications.

With a high-pressure rating of up to 200% higher than SAE J1453 connections, the Seal-Lok Xtreme Parker tube fitting offers an alternative sealing capability. Its flat face allows for fast drop-in installation, which reduces rework and maintenance costs. The Seal-Lok Xtreme connection is compatible with a variety of different materials and offers unlimited reusability in the field.

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Seal-Lok Xtreme

Using a patented stainless steel metal sealing ring, Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings offer high-temperature and chemical compatibility capabilities. These new products are rated to operate in pressures of 6,000 psi and -328degF. They also feature zero clearance interfaces and field-replaceable seals. Parker Tube Fittings has an extensive product line for the process industries, including a range of hose, pipe and valve fittings.

Seal-Lok Xtreme fittings are made with a special material that prevents corrosion. This patented material is certified SAE J1926 and exceeds SAE corrosion requirements. The Xtreme coating is ideal for highly caustic environments, such as those exposed to urea and other chemicals. The pictures and testing were conducted by the Miami Valley Materials Testing Center, an independent, accredited testing facility.

The Seal-Lok Xtreme system combines two proven technologies for leak-free hydraulic system connection. The patented metal seal provides high-temperature and chemical-shock resistance, while retaining its leak-free design. Besides, the fittings are resistant to vibration and are compatible with working pressures of 6,000 psi. Its versatility and superior sealing performance are key factors in making it a popular choice for high-pressure hydraulics applications.

Unlike perfluoroelastomer seals, the metal version of the Seal-Lok Xtreme is made of 316 stainless steel. It is coated with silver to increase sealing properties and prevent galling in high temperatures. Its o-ring face seals are guaranteed to last for decades. A variety of sizes and materials are available. For a complete selection, contact MFCP.

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