Online Microsoft Azure Data Engineer DP-203 Certification Guide

Microsoft Azure Data Engineer

You can obtain a Microsoft Azure DP 203 certification to become a verified professional. It also helps you to upgrade your profile from an entry-level analyst to a full-fledged data engineer. You can earn this certificate online, which may sound convenient, but it’s a challenging exam.

This certification tests your mastery of Azure SQL DB, Databricks, and Cosmos DB. In addition, the exam validates that you are competent in performing various technical tasks related to a data engineer profile.

What Do You Need To Prepare?

This certification exam can be given without prior knowledge or skill related to the data engineer profile. The exam tests your skills and learning about the following topics.

  • Knowledge about integrating, consolidating, and converting various forms of unstructured data into a relevant structure.
  • Building meaningful analytics solutions by using data structures.
  • Development and designing of data processing.
  • Monitoring and optimization of the data storage and processing pipelines.
  • Knowledge of data processing languages such as SQL, Python, and Scala.

In this certification exam, you are given 40-50 questions, including MCQs, one-line answers, or situation-based questions. The passing score is 700/1000, and the time limit is 120 minutes.

Who Should Do This Certification?

The Microsoft Azure DP 203 certification is meaningful if you wish to become a data engineer. It will validate the data engineering skills and knowledge and helps you land a better job. Candidates with knowledge of integrating, converting, and consolidating data into relevant formats for building an analytical solution should pursue this certification.

Anyone who wants to improve their professional profile, get a job, or for any other reason can opt for this course. You can become an official data engineer with the help of this Microsoft certification exam.

Strategies To Prepare For This Certification

  1. Online Course

You can self-study for this certification. Microsoft itself provides short courses for this available on Microsoft learning paths, where you can easily access them for self-study. The online mode of learning is suitable for candidates with irregular study schedules.

  1. Paid Courses

You can also choose paid courses for this exam where you can learn from the experts and clear your doubts quickly. This is a better option if you can give proper time to your studies and want to learn more efficiently. There are different online learning platforms and some good offline institutes where you can learn from paid courses.

  1. Books

The candidates can also prepare using books covering the topics mentioned above. It will help you acquire complete and detailed knowledge about the topics covered in the certification exam.

  1. Practicing Test Papers

Apart from learning the contents of the syllabus, you should also practice the DP 203 questions available from various sources. You can also take practice tests to assist you while preparing for the real exams.

Things You Should Keep In Mind

For this exam, you can study using the abovementioned method. However, when you are preparing for the exams, make sure to keep these simple things in mind.

  1. Read the syllabus carefully and understand the requirements for the exam. Candidates should know every topic they need to cover before the exam.
  2. You should get suitable study materials that explain the topics.
  3. Make sure you have a proper plan regarding your study schedule. You must decide your daily and weekly targets to prepare for the exam efficiently.
  4. Try to understand each topic in depth to prepare for real-life scenarios.
  5. Constantly revise through sample papers and study materials, and analyze your progress. Try to learn from your mistakes and relearn things that still need clarification.

Keep these in mind when studying to be thoroughly prepared for the certification test.

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Data Engineers are in high demand in every organization. As a professional in this field, you play a very important role in an organization to fully utilize the data. This DP 203 certification is easy to clear if you work hard and learn the necessary skills. In addition, this certification proves that you are professionally capable of handling the responsibilities of a data engineer.

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