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New law on custody of children supported by family court judge

New law on custody of children supported by family court judge


A new law on custody of children was recently ruled on by a family court judge in New York. And the decision has been generally supported by public opinion across the country. The ruling, made after hours of testimony by both parents, ultimately decided that shared custody would be the fairest choice in this particular case. The two children will live with their father on Tuesdays and Thursdays and with their mother on Mondays and Wednesdays. On alternate weekends they will spend time together with their father. While on alternate weekends they will spend time together with their mother.


The new law

The law that has been passed in Florida is a welcomed change in the way child custody cases are dealt with. The new law is designed to help parents come to an agreement or understanding about their. They children without having to resort to a lengthy and costly legal battle. Parents who don’t have a joint parenting plan, or who can’t agree on one. Will be able to use mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process. Mediation is less time consuming and less expensive than litigation which makes it more affordable for families with limited income.


The old law

In the past, it has been very difficult for parents to obtain joint or sole custody. This was especially true when one parent does not want to share parental responsibility with the other. Which is common in cases involving a divorce? In order to obtain joint or sole custody, one had to show that. The other parent was unfit and needed supervised visitation only. The old law also dictated that in order for a parent to be granted any type of visitation. They would have had to wait six months before they could even ask for an increase in time.

In some cases this meant that a child would not see their non-custodial parent at all and would grow up knowing nothing about them.


What this means for families

Last week, we all saw an emotional video posted to Facebook by a father who had lost custody of his child. The man felt helpless and distraught because he was not able to see his daughter for Christmas. It’s heartbreaking to see the pain that this law is causing families and I’m glad. That there’s finally some movement towards change. This new legislation will provide a more equitable decision process in cases like this, where it would be difficult or impossible. To determine which parent should have primary physical custody of the child. This is a step in the right direction but there’s still work to be done before we can make sure that every family has access to their kids.


How this will impact custody cases

A new law has been introduced in the United States, which will make it easier for a non-custodial parent to get visitation rights. Previously, when a child was taken away from their parents and placed into foster care. There were certain conditions that had to be met in order for the other parent to have visitation rights. With the new law, if one of the parents is incarcerated or if there is evidence. That they are unfit as a parent, then they will not be able to refuse any requests for visits from their child’s other parent. The law also states that at least 25% of the time spent with their child should be with them.


What this means for the future

The passing of this law is a huge step forward in the best interests of families with young children. And represents a major victory for the American people. This law will establish guidelines for what is considered child abuse. Who can petition to terminate parental rights, and how courts should allocate custody. This law also addresses issues like domestic violence and drug addiction which are rampant in America today. With this law in place, it’s likely that we’ll see a significant decrease in these issues as parents. May be more vigilant about their own behavior after hearing about the repercussions for neglecting their responsibilities. The passing of this legislation will improve life significantly for all parents, guardians, foster parents and anyone who cares about kids.



Even with the best-laid plans, there are always unforeseen challenges. For example, you may know your rights and obligations as a parent, but what if you don’t have physical access to your child? What if your ex-spouse refuses to make decisions in the best interest of the child? That’s where our next guest can help. Judge Henry Ventura is an attorney who handles family law matters such as these and he joins us today to discuss his new book The Law on Custody of Children Supported. Thank you for joining us today, Judge Ventura. Can you tell us about what inspired you to write this book?

Yes. The idea came from my experience as a judge handling these types of cases over many years.

Law on custody of children supported

In the United States, there are many laws that have to do with the different situations that might arise when it comes to family law. One such law is the law on custody of children rights. The law states that a custodial parent has certain rights over the child and the non-custodial parent does not. This is true even in cases where the parents are still together, but one is more involved than the other.

The recent case of In re Marriage of Bullock shows how this law can be difficult for both parties involved.

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