Need to know more about heel in the market

As a heel lover, you need to know about all the very many types of heels that are available.

As a heel lover, you need to know about all the very many types of heels that are available. Yes, heels come in many different types, and with them comes a wide range of options to style them. However, one can never have too many shoes; the following list will help pick some of the most unique and perfect heels.

Types of Heel:


  • Wedges

Wedges are heels for ladies who refuse to walk in those six-inch stilettos because they are uncomfortable. Moreover, it is also for girls who like heels but cannot walk in them. They are high, but unlike other heels, balancing it all out and making walking comfortable.

You can wear these shoes with any dress. Moreover, these wedges, diamond heels silver, are the best and most comfortable to wear.

  • Cone Heels

Cone-heels stay true to their name, like a cone. Moreover, they are slightly wider at the top and light as they go down. This footwear comes in all lengths and models. However, they look great with skirts or dresses that have a graceful hemline.

  • Stilettos

Another is the mother of all heels, and a pair of classic every girl loves to own. Usually, these are between 4 to 6 inches elevated, closed from the front, and available in several designs.

A pair of black or nude stilettos are sufficient to cover you for office, party, or anything casual. Moreover, it also goes with any random clothing from your wardrobe. These are versatile; also look great with formal dresses and events.

  • Platform Heels

Many people mistake platform heels for wedges, but platforms are thick and chunky at the front of the shoe. Moreover, it makes you comfortable to walk around, unlike your regular pointed shoes. These platform diamond heels silver look elegant with your well-fitted or bodycon dresses.

  • Cut Out Heels

Cutout heels are becoming progressively popular and considered incredibly stylish. This footwear comes in all sizes and shapes, all cut out, making them look neat and sexy. Moreover, these can come in handy for a last-minute party plan where your feet are not shaped and need to be covered.

  • Sling Back Heels

Are you uncomfortable with pumps or stilettos that do not sit properly at the back of your feet? No worry – slingbacks are your answer. Moreover, these heels come with straps that combine and boost how the shoes and feet look.

So, wear them with any outfit because they are convenient. These look great with short dresses that show your ankles.

  • French Heels

Have you heard of Pompadour or Spool? They are very similar but more curvaceous. These were famous in the olden days and are considered vintage. So if you want to add a vintage touch to your long elegant dresses, go for these French heels.

  • Pumps

Pump footwear is similar to stilettos but not as high as they are. Usually, they come with three or four-inch heel tops, and the fronts sit lower on the floor than stilettos. Moreover, you can style your pumps in all your outfits as it goes perfectly with jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.

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