Necessary steps to take if QuickBooks closes unexpectedly

QuickBooks is an ultimate accounting software loaded with many salient features. It is being used by accountants, freelancers and numerous small businesses worldwide. Its ability to execute trustworthy accounting and management of financial records keeps it ahead of the competition. Currently, it is the best bookkeeping software but can still be affected by internal issues. In some cases,QuickBooks closes unexpectedlywithout any error messages or warnings. This can cause panic in the user while running some crucial tasks. If your QuickBooks is also showing inappropriate behaviour and shutting down repeatedly, read the blog to the end to know why it happens and the possible solutions(QuickBooks closes unexpectedly).

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Details of this issue

This runtime error can occur at any time while utilising the software. QuickBooks will suddenly crash in between any task you perform in the software. You can mostly face this error while saving transactions, sharing large reports through email etc. This issue can result from multiple clicks on a particular option before giving it adequate time to load and open. You might see error messages indicating that QuickBooks has crashed or the software may shut down without warning.


There can be many uncertain causes behind this error; we have mentioned some of the most influential ones below-

  • The QuickBooks you are using is an outdated version facing compatibility issues in your windows.
  • QuickBooks developed some internal issues while installation because of a damaged or corrupted download file.
  • Some background processes of QuickBooks crashed suddenly or turned unresponsive,causing the software to shut down.


Some of the solutions that can be used to tackle this issue from your QuickBooks are mentioned below-

Solution 1- Update the QuickBooks version you are currently using on your PC

An outdated version can trigger several errors in the software; to prevent this, you should always use the latest version of QuickBooks. Updating your QuickBooks helps fix the existing glitches in the software and enhance its compatibility with the new windows version on your computer. Follow the steps to update your QuickBooks desktop-

  1. Open QuickBooks on your computer.
  2. Click on the Helpoption and select Update QuickBooks desktop from the drop-down list.
  3. Mark the checkbox forReset update in the Update Now tab to remove all the previously downloaded updates.
  4. Click Get Update and wait till the download is complete.
  5. Reopen QuickBooks; when prompted for installation, click on
  6. Reboot your computer and open QuickBooks.

If the software is still malfunctioning, try the next solution provided below.

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Solution 2-Open Task Manager & restart all the QuickBooks Processes

Some QuickBooks processes crashing in the background can also lead to the software crashing inappropriately. Follow the steps to end all the processes-

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressingCtrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard.
  2. On the Processes tab, click on the down arrow beside Background Processes.
  3. You’ll see all the processes running on your system currently; search for QuickBooks related functions,e.g. EXE,QBDBMgr.exe,qbupdate.exe, etc.
  4. Click each task and select End Task.
  5. Reopen your QuickBooks.

Reopening your QuickBooks will start all the processes again.


This is the end of our blog; we mentioned the reasons your QuickBooks closes unexpectedly and the appropriate counteractions you can use. We hope going through this blog helped you clear your doubts regarding this issue and that you used the methods to make your QuickBooks free from errors.

Any assistance for resolving this issue is always available at +1-855-856-0042.

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