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Moving price: How much does my move cost?

There are many factors that can cause the cost of moving to vary greatly. Because the services offered by moving companies are often completely different, they can offer different budgets.

Variable prices can be offered by different Residential moving companies depending on what services are being contracted.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money on moving. Instead, it is important to know how to find local moving companies that can offer a personal service. This is because moving is not a one-size-fits-all process.

Price of moving: Factors that affect the cost of a move

To better understand these companies and get the best price for your move it is important to consider the following factors:


The Volume of furniture or belongings that are being moved by moving companies is the basis for their charges. If you originally gave a price to the moving company but then add items that you didn’t count on, the price will rise.



This is a very important factor high season is when there is a lot of demand. This makes the prices more expensive. January, February, and March are the cheapest months to move. If the move is not performed in the same season, it may be different in price.


Type of service

Renting only furniture transfer is different from hiring to pack and move all of your belongings in your new home. offers a high-quality service that you don’t have to do. It also adapts to each client’s needs, providing only the transfer.


Accessibility to housing

The moving budget will increase if the access is via a street that has restricted accessibility, or that does not have an elevator. Sometimes we don’t know the destination address even though we have contracted the transfer. It is not unusual for a moving company to add the charge for difficult access if it turns out later to be impossible to reach.


Transport exclusive or combined

You can choose exclusive transport to have your furniture transported in one container. The arrival times and costs will be agreed upon at contracting. The combined transportation system is cheaper. However, the container will be shared with other clients. It is harder to predict the arrival time because other removals may be traveling along the same route.



A local move is different from a nationwide, insular, or international one. Prices also depend on the distance between the destination and origin addresses. Logically, this means that prices can vary. International transfers are not uncommon. Prices can vary depending on the destination country and other factors, such as taxes.



Different policies have different coverages. It is important to understand the contents of each insurance policy to avoid being surprised later.

We recommend that you hire a reputable moving company to handle your transfer. Many pirate companies charge very low prices but offer no guarantee. So you should know that sometimes cheap rates can damage your property and give you stress. So, you should always go for quality, not for cheap rates.

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