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Moroccan Area Rugs – Contemporary Area Rugs For Your Home

If you’re looking to add an exotic touch to your home décor, consider a Moroccan Area Rugs. These hand-woven rugs are an excellent choice for any room in the home. This particular rug measures thirteen feet by twenty feet and was hand-woven using high-quality wool. The diamond pattern that covers the entire rug is characteristic of Moroccan rugs. The rug’s color scheme is white and black. These colors blend perfectly with any room décor.

The Moroccan tribal area rug features overlapping diamond motifs. It is made of 100% polyester microfiber with a low-pile construction, ensuring that it will resist fading and provide softness underfoot. It is backed, too, so it will not show dirt. And despite its beauty, you can easily clean it. Its color palette makes it the perfect choice for a neutral interior. Despite its regal appearance, the rug is still versatile enough to be used as bed linen, pillow covers, or blankets.

The Beni Ourain style Moroccan rugs are the most common. Made of hand-knotted wool, they often feature a zigzag or diamond pattern. They are often made of black and white colors. Those looking to add a traditional feel to their room will find this style particularly appealing. So take a look at some of the different designs available. There is an ideal style of Moroccan Area Rug to match your décor.

While choosing a Moroccan Area Rug, remember that the motifs depict interesting stories. You’ll need to understand the history of Morocco to appreciate the motifs on the rug. But once you’re familiar with these myths and legends, you’ll find that choosing the right Moroccan area rug for your home décor is the right decision. The design can add an extra flair to a room and be the focal point of any room. A Moroccan rug will also give you a sense of style.

When it comes to cleaning a Moroccan Area Rug, make sure you use the right type of cleaner. Wool and sisal are excellent options for rugs in high traffic areas, but white is not recommended for rooms with a lot of traffic. Aside from being extremely soft, this rug is durable and easy to clean. You can even vacuum it without a beater bar! The Moroccan area rug is available in an array of colors. You can choose one that suits your home’s theme perfectly.

The Berber people have inhabited the land now known as Morocco for centuries. Since ancient Egypt, they have developed a unique language and culture. Because they live in the Atlas Mountains, they are accustomed to a harsh climate. As such, they have been weaving rugs for generations. This traditional floor covering can take anywhere from two weeks to six months to complete. In addition, each rug is one of a kind. Typically, these hand-woven rugs are made by Moroccan women.

When buying a Moroccan Area Rug, you should make sure that the material is durable enough for your specific needs. 100% wool is preferred. Wool blends are soft, flame-resistant, and wear gracefully. The rugs can also be spot-cleaned. If you’re concerned about the color of the rug, you can test it first by applying a paste made of vinegar and baking soda. This paste will help you to avoid the fading of the colors.

Buying a vintage Moroccan Area Rug can save you a great deal of money. Although the materials used in mass-produced Moroccan rugs are not as high-quality as natural ones, they are durable and stain-resistant. This type of floor décor can last between six to twelve months. Most of these rugs are also priced more affordably than many plush carpets. Just remember to keep it clean. It’s essential to keep your Moroccan Area Rug in good condition!

A Moroccan Area Rug and Contemporary Area Rugs is an excellent way to tie together your décor with other elements in your home. Decorative accessories, window treatments, and furniture will all look great with it. West elm is a great place to purchase Moroccan rugs. You’ll also find a variety of different sizes and colors to match your décor. You can also look for Moroccan rugs online at stores such as West Elm. It’s important to remember that these rugs are made in limited numbers and can be expensive if you don’t pay attention to them.

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