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Mindfulness for children

Parents might not be cognizant of the various stresses in the lives of their children, especially the teenagers. Since their adult life is relatively hard, they might not entirely realize the impact that the problems that occur in their child’s life might have for them.

If you are guilty of the same, don’t beat yourself over it. Many adults fail to realize or acknowledge the very real presence of stress and anxiety in the lives of children.

Current technological advances have certainly not helped; there are now many social media sites that add onto stress. This then not only perturbs the mental health of the child, but has implications for their physical wellbeing as well, meriting then intervention from their Pediatrician in Lahore.

One excellent way that parents can equip their child to manage their stresses is by mindfulness. Naturally, parents cannot always mitigate the sources of stress in their child’s life. So, giving children tools for stress management is a far better approach.

But what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about exerting your entire energies on a task at hand, and letting your mind be. For example, you can focus entirely on your breathing, and observe the onslaught of thoughts without any judgement or reaction; just keep them coming.

There are other mindfulness techniques as well, including visualization, relaxation exercises etc. The end goal here is to take a breath from the normal rut of life, and experience things. It also helps improve focus on one particular task as well.

The benefits of mindfulness

There are many ways mindfulness can benefit your, and your child’s mental health.

Awareness: It also allows people to be more cognizant of their present; often, we live and experience things in the retrospect. We are so caught up in the future and the past, that we forget to live in the present. Mindfulness tries to encourage being more aware of your experiences, your body, and your life in the now.

Mental health: It allows to a more effective stress and anxiety management; when you let the thoughts coming without judging yourself for it, the experience can be liberating.

Behavior: Mindfulness also has a good impact on the behavior as well. It helps people —and children—not lose their calm in the situations of stress. It also helps them not get upset easily. Mindfulness also encourages people to be better listeners, which then helps with empathy as well.

Curious minds: Children who are into mindfulness might also become more curious about how systems work, especially their brain. This has a great impact on their learning abilities.

Happiness: Moreover, mindfulness has also been shown to improve happiness as well.

Focus: Mindfulness is also a great exercise for improving focus. It trains people to concentrate their attention to a particular task, and not letting the noise around them and in their head, distract them.

The need for focus is even more relevant in this day and age, when the excessive use of screens and rapid content consumption has had a grave impact on our attention spans.

Self-awareness: Mindfulness can also promote self-awareness, so children become more aware of their reactions to a situation. Therefore, rather than just impulsively reacting, they are more prudent in making a decision.

Moreover, it also allows them to make better choices then as well. Their thinking process then has a method to it.

Social skills: Mindfulness can also help in improving the social skills of the children.

Encouraging mindfulness

In order for children to benefit from mindfulness, they need to see their parents embody it. So, teach your children this practice by being the role models.

Moreover, encourage the exercises daily, so they become a habit instead of just when the child is undergoing a stressful situation.

However, if your child is still stressed out despite the exercises, then consult a mental health expert via to get your child the help they need.

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