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MEAN Development Is The Best Framework For Creating Dynamic Web apps

MEAN Development

In this age of digital influence, where businesses are replanning their production strategies, web developers search for cutting-edge technologies that assure companies faster growth. MEAN development is one of the latest technologies for web development, introduced for faster, efficient, and advanced web applications. MEAN stack development is a user-friendly JavaScript tech stack that offers websites front-end, back-end, and database management services. According to StackOverflow, 58.3% of web developers are making a career in MEAN stack web development as it supports JavaScript programming language. We all know that the present time is the time for all of us to take full advantage of technology and digital solutions; websites are one of them. Websites serve as an effective medium for local users and industries for communications as today’s 80% population prefers online services. With the arrival of MEAN stack development, websites have become better and more effective for users.

In software development terms, Stack combines technologies, including software products and programming languages for creating web or mobile apps. It is no surprise that businesses are accessible to technologies and have started implementing them in their operations. Nowadays, software developers implement new technological strategies for making software products, especially websites and web apps. They make use of a combination of technologies to enable faster and more efficient web development processes. The use of stack technologies has become a trend and why it should not be, as this strategy for web development is popular for its resourcefulness. This is why MEAN stack development is taking over the other web development technologies.

What Is MEAN Development?

When it comes to full-scale development, MEAN development is the first web development strategy that comes to developers’ minds. The technology comprises web servers, database systems, front-end, back-end, JavaScript frameworks, and runtime environments. These technologies require expertise in web development, profound knowledge about web development trends, and extraordinary development skills. Since we are talking about full-scale development, we MEAN stack development.

MEAN stack development is a mode of full-scale web development where four different technologies are involved in making advanced, dynamic, and trending websites. The four technologies are:

  • MongoDB à A database management system
  • ExpressJS à A back-end web development framework that hosts as well as assists Node.js projects
  • AngularJS à An open-source front-end JavaScript framework that takes care of web design and ensures interactive web pages
  • NodeJs à A back-end JavaScript runtime environment that boosts web app performance by 50%.

Full-scale development is becoming increasingly popular in this modern age, as it supports single code development for web and mobile applications. Moreover, it requires only expertise in JavaScript that web developers must possess to create better applications and meet high-end user demands. Research reveals that an average salary of a MEAN stack developer is around 120,000 US dollars for a year or $62 per hour. Since software development firms are paying a hefty amount to MEAN stack developers, it means that there is something that has taken web developers’ interest and emphasized web app development through this strategy.

Here we have listed some reasons highlighting the importance of MEAN stack development and expressing why web developers prefer it.

Why MEAN Stack Development?

Following are the reasons that convince web developers to choose MEAN development for making innovative web applications.

  1. Single Language Development

One of the main reasons for choosing MEAN stack development is its single language support for web app development. The web development language uses Javascript for both client-side and server-side development. This makes it easier for web app developers to code the application in a single language and cuts down the total development costs. Since it is an open-source framework, it has various easy-to-use tools that help developers make top-notch web applications at a low cost and in less time. What could be more effective than this, isn’t it?

  1. Mongo DB

The capacity for storing data is the most important part of all applications, whether it is a web or a mobile. When it comes to web apps, Mongo DB is a good choice for keeping and managing data. Mongo DB is a database management system that fully supports safe and secure data storage. While on the other hand, it provides enough storage for web developers to store a huge amount of data. Mongo DB is different from the other databases in so many things as it is easy to update, which is the thing that makes it common in use.

  1. Express JS

As discussed above, Express JS is a back-end framework; it is responsible for providing simple interfaces for creating or requesting endpoints or handling cookies and other functionalities. Though the framework has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill.

  • Express JS allows web developers to set up middleware to answer HTTP requests.
  • It is responsible for defining a routing table that performs different actions based on the HTTP method and URL.
  • The back-end framework allows web developers to pass arguments to templates and render HTTP pages dynamically.

  1. Angular JS

Angular JS is a component of MEAN development, known as a front-end JavaScript framework. The framework supports single-page application development using JavaScript. Angular JS has AJAX-driven rich components and functions that client-side development, whereas the addition of this component makes web designs intuitive and appealing to users. However, AJAX is a modern aspect of Angular JS that supports real-time page updates. Thus, users do not need to refresh web pages while they are checking out.

  1. Node JS

Node JS, a powerful JavaScript framework, is responsible for ensuring maximum web app performance with its highest runtime capacity. The framework is built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine, used for making I/O intensive web applications like single-page applications (SPA), video streaming, and other web applications. Since MEAN stack development is based on JavaScript, it is a good choice for businesses to have real-time applications. However, its open-source nature and cross-platform compatibility are the things that uplift the value of full-scale development. Whereas leads users to use web applications across Windows, OS X, and Linux operating systems.


In summary, MEAN development is one of the leading web development technologies, offering advanced features for easier and faster web app creation. The technology uses the modern single-page app development, as many businesses and users prefer it for its real-time updates. MEAN stack development seems a little different from the traditional web development process. Moreover, the above-mentioned facts are evidence of MEAN stack development’s increased popularity.

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