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MBA Streams that can get You Bright Career Opportunities

Master of Business Administration is a two-year course that helps you make a career in the field of management. It is not just a regular postgraduate degree program but a course that has a direct connection with day-to-day life. This is why students enrolling in this course require industry-oriented training. The best MBA Course in Dehradun offers specialization in different streams so that a student gets specialized knowledge in the area of their interest. Pursuing this course with a dedicated specialization not only familiarizes you with the concepts that are the essence of your stream but also gives to an insight into the practical world. Today, a student might find diverse options for specialization during this course. The most common and highest rewarding management specializations are as follows.


Marketing is among the core business operations in any organization that aims to make a profit. It is amongst the oldest and the most conventional specialization in the management field. Graduates opting for this specialization get familiarized with the concepts of management, accounting fields like cost and management, marketing principles, business environment analysis, and more. The course that is offered by the best college for MBA in Dehradun aims to train students to improve the demand for a product with the help of analytics, communications, storytelling, management skills, and customer behavior. The increased dependency on digital marketing techniques is giving rise to the demand for specialized managers in marketing.


Finance is the other core business operation, without which an organization cannot function properly. Managing finances efficiently gives a business the opportunity to firstly make more progress by investing the extra income in business and secondly serves as an airbag in case of sudden financial jerks. The need for efficient managers who can masters the art of budgeting, analytics, and finance, is ever-growing in business organizations irrespective of their sizes or market presence. A post-graduate with this specialization is believed to have diverse business opportunities in any field that they come across.

Human Resource Management

Commonly denoted by the abbreviation ‘HR’, Human Resource Management is also an important core managerial function in a business organization. Every organization irrespective of the scale of operations prefers having an expert HR professional in order to manage the workforce and ensure that the rights of employees and employers are intact. The duties of HR are not restricted to the recruitment of employees, rather HR acts as a bridge between the higher management and the employees. It is the responsibility of HR to familiarize an employee with the vision, values, norms, methodology, system, working language, and other terms and conditions that prevail in an organization.  Students opting for this specialization for the best MBA Course in Dehradun have bright career opportunities in diverse industries.

Business Analytics

This specialization is completely based on integrating data analytics and business activities. The course familiarizes students with the skills and techniques of analytics. Subjects that majorly form part of this course include artificial intelligence, decision analysis, predictive modeling, marketing statistics, etc., along with core managerial concepts and principles. A student enrolling for a course in this stream gets the knowledge on achieving greater benefits with the help of data analytics. They get to learn how they can use statistical analysis as a methodical exploration to get an insight on ways to improve the profit-making in an organization. This is a relatively new field in the corporate world. The postgraduates in this specialization have a very bright future as there are many new and diverse avenues waiting to be explored.


All the above-mentioned specializations have great significance in the corporate world and are believed to have a very bright future perspective. Apart from building leadership qualities and managerial skills in a student the MBA degree also improves your knowledge base by giving an in-depth understanding of the chosen field. To enhance your skills further you can enroll in the best college for MBA in Dehradun, to pursue this course.

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