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MacOS Big Sur Features & Issues

MacOS: Apple has its own propriety operating system called macOS the macOS is the big reason for its popularity it’s very stable, easy & fast if the right hardware is installed such as more ram and solid-state drive apple release it newer version every year which fix known bugs and enhance the security of the MacBook for any reason if you are using old macOS we suggest you check the best comparable macOS and get it installed by visiting any mac repair centre it early takes 45 mins if the hardware of the device is in place also in case if you are planning to upgrade to macOS big sur do read our recommendation for the better performance of your device.

MacOS big sur

For a decade all macOS was OSX which mean version 10 most of these OS has a similar feature but the big sur is the biggest update. It’s the 11 version of macOS most of the features comes with similar to iPadOS and iOS which completely change the look and by using 64-bit structure it has become very fast as it has completely enhanced the transfer rate which improves the overall performance of the device. If you brought a new MacBook in 2020 you would get big sur as default. Rest all other users will be able to install it using macOS update. The macOS big sur has improved the life cycle of the battery hence you don’t need to do MacBook battery replacement every 1 year this battery easily works from 800 cycles to 900 cycles. But on these newer touch bar mac the MacBook the MacBook battery replacement Mumbai is very expensive it can go up to 20,000 INR.

Battery Control Option

The new macOS big sur has the battery optimization option. It was there in the old version too but with a limited feature but on this new OS. There are many optimizations you can do such as not allowing background running to consume lots of power. This has improved the backup time of the MacBook and use don’t need to plug it every after 3-4 hours.


As everything comes with some cons here are the biggest cons. If you are using big sur on the old MacBook such as MacBook pro-2012 or MacBook air 2014. The new macOS comes with lots of features with required lots of resources and consume lots of power. As the old macs are not made of this model hence we came across many old macs which are heating up lots and battery is draining very quickly. Replacing the battery is not the solution. You should visit mac repair centre and ask them to downgrade with the comparable version of your device. This will surely fix the issue with heating on your mac.

Compatibility of Apps

Due to newer macOS many apps do not work due to the complete change in the architecture of the OS. Hence you may need to buy a newer version of the apps. There are many apps yet not developed by developers for the big sur. Hence before your upgrade make sure that the apps you use are compatible for big sur. Apart from apps before you upgrade do check the compatibility issue with your mac in case you are using old MacBook pros such as 2012 or 2014 air as these macs tend to get overheat and drain the battery very fast.

Randomly Hangs

If you feel that mac is randomly hanging make sure you are not using the beta version. There is enough storage free for macOS to function better. If you have a storage of 128Gb check how much will be left for use post upgrade. MacOS big sur update size can be very huge and can go up to 8GB which can make the drive later the functioning of the mac becomes slow. There are many models in the MacBook you can upgrade the storage such as model # A1466, #A1502, etc. here you can upgrade the storage of the mac. The more free space you have the functioning of the mac will be much smoother another alternative is to remove unwanted apps and use an external drive to save the data.

No iTunes

Remember there is no iTunes in the big bur so if your work is more related to where iTunes is required make sure to check the alternative as Apple has replaced it with Apple music. We have seen many music creators hate to upgrade for the same reason. Apart from that many libraries such as photo library will not work with big sur if the backup of the library is from an older version. To overcome this you can extract the photo and copy-paste it.

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