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Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration – Step by Step Guide

If you are looking for a Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool, then you must try Shoviv Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration tool. This tool is secure and reliable as well. And integrated with a strong algorithm.

Office 365 always remains in the league of top SaaS, providing various benefits to its users. It is one of the most cost-effective compared to other platforms and comes with multiple inbuilt applications. On the other hand, HCL Notes was quite commonly used by on-premises email clients a decade ago. But, eventually, users look for Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration which is the result of many reasons. Also, using the Lotus Notes email client is not easier for those lacking technical skills.

Although Lotus Notes provides many advanced features because it is expensive and hard to use, multiple users are now migrating towards Office 365. To simplify the migration process, we have listed some strategies which will assist you in moving your Lotus Notes database files.

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Why do User Looks to migrate towards Microsoft Office 365 from HCL Notes?

Various situations make the need to switch from one email client to another. Some of them we have shared below:

  1. Maintenance Charges: Handling the Lotus Notes can cost you deep in your pockets as the maintenance cost for Lotus Notes is way much higher.
  2. Data Accessibility: Users can easily access their data from any location or device, but the only requirement is an active internet connection.
  3. Management of Data: Microsoft Office 365 comes with SharePoint, which helps to manage user content.
  4. Platform Interface: Office 365 is relatively more straightforward because of the effective user interface. It is easier to navigate all the inbuilt applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, and many more.
  5. Collaborative Environment: Lotus Notes doesn’t have any system which enables users to communicate internally, whereas Office 365 does support such a facility.
  6. Data Safety: All data of Office 365 users are saved on its cloud, which provides additional protection from data corruption and other causes which affect the data.
  7. Data Corruption: Office 365 saves its data over cloud, and Lotus Notes saves its data on the user system, which consume more space of a user system. As Office is a cloud-based service, so there are no chances of corruption.

Now the question rose how the user can do migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 environment. There are many options that the user can look to pursue, but the main point is to keep the data safer while migration. Let’s discuss some solutions from which users can transfer their data.

How to migrate Lotus Notes data into Office 365?

There should be no concern in the mind of users about choosing the way to migrate their Lotus Notes data. However, the one important thing that users should keep in mind is to select the perfect approach to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 safely. Some user totally relies on the manual migration approach because of the fact that they are free. However, many users fail due to a lack of the required technical knowledge for migration. Moreover, various third-party Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration software are available, which will do the task efficiently and consume less time.

In this blog, we will not explain the manual migration methods due to their multiple limitations. Some of them include complex in nature, time-consuming, and chances of data corruption, etc. However, we will discuss alternative and reliable migration solutions.

Professional Third-Party Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Software

The manual method poses difficulties while migrating the Lotus Notes mailboxes, so it is good to look at another alternative. One such solution is Shoviv Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool which has all the capabilities to migrate data while maintaining data integrity safely. Any user no matter how many technical skills they possess can use it without facing any issues.

We have explained in detail some of its advanced set of features in the below section:

  • The software has a convenient graphical user interface that helps users execute their tasks easily.
  • Adding multiple NSF files into the software does not adversely affect the software’s speed.
  • The number of files which can be added to the Software can be of any size; there is no restriction on adding large NSF files.
  • This software also has an Incremental export option. Using it, the interrupted process will also get a resume from the last stoppage point.
  • Through its preview feature, the user can check the added NSF file item, which helps to check whether the required data are added or not.
  • Migrating a particular item from one source folder to a target folder is possible due to its folder mapping option.
  • The email translation functionality of the utility allows users to change the source email addresses as per the target.

This software delivers the result in quick time without causing any damage to the data. However, to check how the tool performs, users can test its free demo version in their environment. Using this free version of Lotus Notes to Office 365 software, users can easily process the first fifty items per folder from their NSF files.

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Ending Remarks

We have checked how to migrate the data from the HCL Notes into cloud-based Office 365. In addition, we have also taught you the reasons for conducting the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration. Therefore, moving the data from one email client into a different environment takes time and requires vast technical skills. To overcome those issues, using third-party software will be a good option.

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