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Know How To Reuse RO Wastewater

“What is RO Wastewater and how you can reuse it for your particular need? Read this article to know more in detail”.

In India, most people prefer using RO water purification technology to purify water. This is one of the great solutions to remove total dissolved solids from the water. But generally, RO has one disadvantage – Wastewater. As the best water filter in UAE eliminates the impure water rich in TDS and other contaminants that result in water wastage. Whether you cannot use this water for drinking, you can reuse it in many ways. Here some of those ways are elaborated.

Use It To Wash Your Car

A simple car wash may need more than seven buckets of water, and it can consume 14 litres per day, and if you are extravagant with your hosepipe, it can take up to 75 litres. So, many people think that washing cars regularly is unnecessary and highly wasteful. In that case, you can come up with a simple solution. Replace your water supply with the best water purifier in Dubai to do the cleanup work.

Use For Your Garden

Water keeps your plants and terrace garden blooming. In that case, you can use this rejected water for gardening. But make sure the TDS level is below 2100mg/ltr. You can mix it with fresh water if the TDS level is high. You can give this water to other trees for a few days to see if it affects their growth. Apart from that, more than 60% of sodium content can affect the soil.

Mop Your Floor

Mopping the floor with the best water filter in UAE wastewater is probably the best tip for reusing RO waste water. You can save the water in a drum and use it on your floor directly. An average house needs more than 20 litres for floor mopping. Using this RO wastewater, you can save 20 litres of water from your tank.

Use It In Toilet

Using this RO waste water in the toilet doesn’t mean using it for taking a bath. You should never put this water on your hair. As this wastewater contains a high level of minerals, it can affect your scalp and start hair falling. But you can use it to flush faucets, clean up and do other jobs.

Use It As A Staple For Washing Machine

Washing machines are a great way to do their laundry annually. In that case, operating a washing machine regularly can consume a lot of water. So, you can replace it with RO waste water. Instead of draining, this water can get into the machine and be supplied for washing others.


All these ways are incredibly beneficial, but they can also be time-consuming. But these minor differences can contribute a significant impact on the environment. Whether providing your family with safe drinking water with the help of the best water purifier in UAE is a concern for you, you should also be mindful of water wastage.

Hope this article will be helpful for you.

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