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Know How To Calm A Fussy Baby

“Gripe water is one of the most elective ways to calm a fussy baby with colic pain. If you have never tried gripe water for babies, then read the article below”.

There are many reasons a baby cries. For the first few days, it seems to them that they have come into a new world, so they can feel insecure there. Apart from that, they cry from being hungry, feeling cold etc. But one of the most common causes is colic. You can buy homeopathic medicine to relieve colic problems in babies. Newborn babies can have common colic pain. Colic can be caused for many reasons.

Gripe water is one of the most elective ways to calm a fussy baby. If you have never tried gripe water for babies, then read the article below.

What Is Gripe Water

Parents generally use a gripe mixture to soothe the stomach upset and colic problems in the baby. It combines baking soda and other important herbs that are useful for colic problems in babies. Apart from that, it also includes a mixture of fennel, ginger and chamomile.

The main causes of colic are gassiness and digestive issues. Research shows that the above herbs are useful to ease gas that is causing trouble for babies. Gripe water was first introduced in 1840, to treat fen fever. By 1850, this medication started to be popular with British mothers and nannies. They start to appreciate its power in calming a fussy baby. Nowadays you can also buy homeopathic gripe mixture online.

How To Use Gripe Water

If your doctor recommends GRIPE MIXTURE, then you can use the following tips to give them gripe water.

  • Read The Ingredients First: Avoid vegetable carbon in gripe water. As this vegetable carbon is responsible for constipation. So you should buy one that is alcohol-free.
  • Follow Proper Instruction: Generally, each gripe water has different instructions to use. You should read the label carefully and ask the paediatrician about the dosage. Some brands recommend waiting until the babies are 1 month old.

Other Ways To Soothe A Baby

  • Try a variety of colic remedies to check which one works. These remedies generally don’t work all the time.
  • Swaddling is another effective way to calm a fussy baby. In that case, you can also try avoiding background noises, music, etc.
  • Wearing a baby under 6 months old can also keep them calm or a brief car ride can be helpful.
  • A warm bath can provide your baby with a calming effect and swing the baby for a few minutes. Sometimes, a mother’s diet plays an important role in calming a fussy baby. In that case, remove certain foods from the mother’s diet to show a defined result. Here are certain foods to eliminate from mother’s diet: dairy products, peanuts, wheat.
  • During feeding, keep your baby upright to ease colic pain. For bottle feeding babies, avoid giving them empty bottles. So, they don’t swallow air from the bottle. Before you buy homeopathic medicine online in India, you should consult with a doctor.
  • Burp the baby frequently to out the swallowed air. Stop a few times and burp your baby to soothe colic pain.
  • Sometimes specific formula milk can cause colic to your baby. In that case, change it with a soy-based formula. But before doing that, you should talk with a pediatrician. 


Excessive crying and fussy babies are distress for both your baby and you. However, the colic symptoms will go away once your baby is 3-4 months old. Gripe water is one of those effective ways but sometimes it won’t work. So talk to a pediatrician to discuss the dosage and other instructions. If you are suffering from regular colic issues, then you can buy immunity booster herbal tea online. Hopefully, the other soothing techniques can work for you. But if you have experimented with the all of those remedies and still it doesn’t improve, then make an appointment with your doctor.

Author Bio: Sunil, a health blogger shared information on how to calm your fussy baby. If you have worm symptoms and are looking to buy homeopathic anthelmintic syrup online, then read his other blogs and articles.

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