Know how ACCC conductors can be beneficial to users?

The highly efficient and one of the best cool conductor aluminium conductor composite cores (ACCC) are designed to efficiently operate constantly at an elevated temperature. These conductors are used throughout the world due to the features it holds. If you are into reconductoring your existing lines,  ACCC conductors are your ideal choice and can boost the transmission capacity. Read this blog to deep dive more into the realm of ACCC conductors.


What are ACCC conductors?


ACCC conductors use the glass fiber core & hybrid carbon in a thermostat epoxy matrix. The carbon fiber core contains thousands of high-modulus and high-strength carbon fibers which are unidirectional. They are surrounded by a protective layer of fibers. The glass fibers’ outer portion helps in boosting the flexibility and toughness and also offers a galvanic barrier to avoid corrosion along with the aluminium strands. The hybrid core of ACCC conductors is much stronger than the steel and is even 70 per cent lighter. The smooth surface core helps in dissipating wind-induced vibration. The aluminium strands are completely annealed providing the best conductivity. ACCC conductor provides low line losses and contains self-dampening properties which make these conductors most preferred. You can be in touch with one of the best suppliers of ACCC conductors in the Middle East and GCC region.


Why is the usage of ACCC conductors increasing?


The composite core of ACCC conductors has high strength which enables elevated spans in between shorter structures that helps in the reduction of environmental impact as well as capital cost. The light-weight composite core and trapezoidal-shaped compact strands permit the ACCC conductors to use more aluminium without diameter penalty and it leads to reduced line losses. Reduction in line losses serves users with less fuel consumption and emissions. For all these reasons, more and more people are opting for ACCC conductors.


Are ACCC conductors better than ACSR?


ACSR are the conventional aluminium-conductor steel reinforced cables. ACCC conductors can carry twice the current as compared to ACSR cables of the same weight & size. Due to many reasons, ACCC conductors are mostly selected for the retrofitting of electric power transmission lines without any requirement of changing the insulators and towers. If we talk about material and labour savings, ACCC conductors are ideal ones which do not require long processes for new construction. In terms of durability, ACCC conductors provide enhanced corrosion resistance and fretting failure when compared to ACSR cables.


What are the advantages of using ACCC conductors?


There are loads of benefits that ACCC conductors offer to users:


  1. Higher transmission line capacity


When line capacity is increased that can be advantageous to customers. These conductors help in reducing the congestion costs by offering access to less costly sources of generation. ACCC conductors help users in getting access to the cleanest source of generation by reducing air pollution and thus help in combating climate change. ACCC conductors can accommodate the load growth and attract several businesses. If you want to lessen “Blackouts” by offering an alternative pathway for power delivery at the time of severe weather conditions, these conductor cables are best. All these can lessen costs and are passed to the customers. Reach out to a leading supplier of ACCC conductors in the Middle East and GCC region.


  1. Enhances energy efficiency


ACCC conductors have the capacity to reduce line losses by approximately 25 per cent. These conductors lessen the fuel amount needed for generating electricity which can result in the reduction of electrical fuel charges. This unfetter wasted generation. It also eliminates the requirement for building a new generation.


  1. Boost reliability


ACCC conductors have great strength, thermal stability and toughness that provide loads of customer advantages. It avoids the transmission lines from sagging into the structures and trees, otherwise, it can lead to chances of the firebreak, causing huge “blackouts etc. ACCC conductors can easily tackle a high level of current for maintaining the stability of the grid when storms affect the adjacent lines. The higher strength of ACCC conductors can withstand severe ice loads and higher wind conditions. So, the ability to stay in service and avoid blackouts can help the healthcare centres, hospitals to remain in operation, elevators working etc.


  1. ACCC conductors are highly resilient


The high strength of ACCC conductors’ core can help in retaining the structural integrity and return quickly to service following tornado or other havoc weather situations. The low-sagging features of these conductors enhance the survivability at the time of wildfires. Customers can expect fewer maintenance costs and good service with fewer power interruptions.


  1. Lesser line minimzation


The carbon composite core permits the usage of 28 per cent more aluminium and it creates enhanced conductivity.


So, we hope you have liked this blog about ACCC conductors and their advantages. Usage of these conductors can reduce line losses and reduce even operating costs, along with fuel consumption. Without any worries, you can rely on ACCC conductors. Purchase the best quality ACCC conductors from a trusted supplier.


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