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The importance of control valves stands strong, especially in potable water transmission and distribution systems. The control valves are ideal for manipulating the fluid flowing such as water, steam or other chemical compounds for compensating the load disturbance and keeping the whole regulating procedure variable as the desired set point. One of the most used control valves in water transmission industries is – Needle control valve. You can keep reading this blog to know more about this type of control valve.

What are needle control valves?

Let us dive into needle control valves. Needle control valves are the type of valves that are used for the regulation of fluid flow, generally water or gas via the system or any appliance. An amazing feature of the needle control valves is the inclusion of a little plunger (its shape is similar to a needle). The plunger consists of a handle called a handwheel that enables simple and accurate turning of the needle control valve. Needle control valves help most piping professionals efficiently regulate and control the flow of fluid along with pressure. These control valves are compact but the flow control is considered exceptionally good. It is also known as linear motion valves and are used in many instrument systems to throttle small volumes of water. Needle control valves are quite similar to the design of globe valves but with a big difference with the sharp needle-type disc on them. Needle control valves do have an isolation system which is very accurate. With the usage of needle control valves, you can avoid damage to gauges that can be severely affected by sudden bursts of liquids. So, all in all, needle control valves can permit you to have better regulation as well as control in general.

How do needle control valves be used?

Needle control valves can be used in various applications. Mostly you can find needle control valves in water heaters for regulating the pressure inside the device. It can also ensure appliances run at maximum efficiency. When we talk about big-scale usage as well as delivery to consumers, needle control valves can be used for regulating the delivery of water. So, needle control valves find their best usage in potable water distribution system projects. As per the unique design of needle control valves, permit pressure to be relieved or added in little increments. You can see how needle control valves are the most important & invaluable to water distribution or transmission systems & machines because these valves aid in the prevention of significant damage.

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What are the major roles which needle control valves perform?

Have a look at the biggest roles which needle control valves perform:

> Flow control of water

> Pressure regulation

> In pump start

> Reservoir inlet

> Turbine by-pass flow

What is the construction material of needle control valves?

The housing material of needle control valves is highly specified as per the applications for which they are used. The common type of needle control valve housing materials is – stainless steel and brass.

Different types of needle control valves:

If we talk about the types of needle control valves then depending on the style of operation- you can find three types of needle control valves:

a) Manually operated threaded needle control valves

b) Motorized needle control valves

c) Angle needle control valves

What are the advantages of using needle control valves?

The advantages which needle control valves usually serve are:

a) With the help of needle control valves, they control the flow of water at a very low rate but with higher precision.

b) Needle control valves come in smaller sizes and that eases your installation process because space issues do not become a concern.

c) With the usage of needle control valves, throttling with a lesser volume of fluid (water) is also possible.

d) You can easily adjust the fluid flow rates accurately.

e) The operation of needle control valves is simple and hassle-free.


We hope this blog has offered you information on needle control valves. If you are into any potable water system project, then the importance of needle control valves is not unknown to you. You can easily control and regulate fluid flow and pressure with such valves. Contact one of the best suppliers of needle control valves.

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