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When someone is into landscaping, he/she needs to spend time on the usage of valves. We are talking about solenoid valves. There is a lot of importance in using solenoid valves in the landscaping and irrigation arena. These valves are simple devices which ensure water flows only in one direction. Always try to go for the best quality solenoid valves and contact the leading supplier of solenoid valves in the Middle East and GCC region. Continue reading this post to explore a lot more about solenoid valves.

What are solenoid valves?

Solenoid valves are electromechanically on or off-operated valves. These valves contain the valve body and solenoid or electromagnetic actuator. The plunger assembly of the solenoid is actually the actuator which is mainly responsible to close and open these valves. The actuator or solenoid can be fixed in a way so that the plunger action can only open or close. Do not forget that there is no in-between position. So, there will be no situation for throttling flow.

What are solenoid valves?

Solenoid valve are the best water irrigation valves which are efficiently used in the irrigation and landscaping industry for regulating water flow. These valves are also well-known as electric valves, water valves, electromagnetic valves etc. In any irrigation system, valves are vital components which are once signalled with the help of a controller and allow water to flow out to drip emitters or sprinklers in a specific place & shuts-off only when an adequate amount of watering has been completed. Solenoid valve have different configurations. There are solenoid valves which come with different configurations like female or male threads, barbed & solvent welded etc. Mostly, solenoid valves are used majorly in private & residential landscaping, drip irrigation & agricultural installation purposes. Install solenoid valves which have robust construction and can be equipped also with manual water flow control.

How do solenoid valves work?

Solenoid valve work by efficiently controlling fluids’ flow in a completely open and completely closed mode. These valves function by involving either closing or opening the orifice present in the body of solenoid valves which either permits or prevents the fluid flow via the valves.

How do solenoid valves work?

The plunger closes or opens that orifice by just raising in a sleeve tube (through energizing the coil). When once the solenoid coils get energized, the magnetic field helps in raising the plunger and enables fluid flow. Solenoid coil energized in open valves leads the plunger seals off from the orifice which in turn aids in preventing fluid flow. In short, the solenoid transforms the electrical energy into mechanical push/ pull action.

Why are solenoid valves used?

You must know that in most fluid control applications, it becomes very important to stop or start fluid flow in a circuit for controlling fluids. Solenoid valve which are electronically operated are used for this type of purpose. By actuating solenoid valves, you can easily position them in even remote locations & control them in a convenient manner through simple electrical switches only. Solenoid valves provide quick & safe switching, are highly reliable, offer long-service lives and so on. You can reach out to one of the most trusted suppliers of solenoid valves in the UAE.

What are the main components of solenoid valves?

The solenoid is one type but in different types of actuators like pneumatic, hydraulic, manual and many more. We list below the important body components of solenoid valves:

a) Coil – It is the most vital part of this type of valve that contains an insulated copper wire tightly wound around the tube.

b) Core – The core is the plunger or armature. It is the solenoids’ moving part which is soft magnetic metal. When the coil gets energized, the core gets attracted that close or opens the solenoid valves.

c) Core tube – It is the place where the coil is wound.

Some most important components of solenoid valves are – Core spring and fixed core.

What are the main components of solenoid valves?

Types of solenoid valves as per circuit functions of Solenoid:

As per circuit function, the common types of solenoid valves are:

1. Two-way solenoid valves

Two-way solenoid valves contain one upstream and another downstream port and are used for allowing or blocking the flow of fluid. Many users prefer plastic solenoid valves over other material types. Solenoid valves are available in the market with different housing materials like brass, stainless steel. Even people prefer using plastic solenoid valves. Contact the reliable supplier of 2-Way plastic solenoid valves.

2. Three-way solenoid valves

Three-way Solenoid Valves are used to apply & exhaust pressure alternatively from either downstream equipment or the actuator.

3. Four-way solenoid valves

These types of valves have 4 ports – two outlets, an inlet & an exhaust port. Some 4-way solenoid valves contain two ports. In this kind of configuration, the flow goes to the 1st outlet or to the 2nd outlet port.


So now you must know everything about solenoid valves and why they are used. In irrigation and landscaping applications, it is important to stop or start the fluid flow in a circuit in order to control specific fluids. For that reason, solenoid valves are used. Before you purchase one, read the pros and cons of solenoid valves. Do not compromise the quality of solenoid valves. We recommend you to get in touch with a leading and top supplier of solenoid valves. Thanks for reading.


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