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Java vs Javascript – Which is Best ?

This article is a battle between Java vs Javascript for determining which is the best ?

Javascript and Java both are the leading programming languages.It is even difficult to find out the best from one. As both sound similar, therefore they are confusing. Some even think that Java and Javascript both are similar languages, which means Java is simply a shortened version of Javascript. But in real, both are different programming languages.

So, today with this article, we will be having battle of comparison of Java vs Javascript. The major difference between Java and Javascript is , Java is based on the OOP Programming language while Javascript is an OOP programming concept.They are used for different types of projects and web applications. Java is used to make applications for devices or browsers. While JS is mainly used on HTML documents and browsers.



Earlier, Javascript was used to serve as a client-side application within a browser. But now Javascript is best for servers and clients. This has been possible because of Node JS. The best excellent UI frameworks like Angular js, Express js, Next js, Next js and etc.

JS is the most demanding technology, which has even rise the demand to hire Javascript developers, and they are difficult to find. JS is a lightweight programming language that is used to make interactive web pages. It can even insert dynamic text into HTML. It is widely used for client-side web applications.

Features of Javascript

Features of Javascript

  • It was created in the first place of DOM manipulation, this is why the dynamic applications can be created easily
  • In JS, functions are called objects. They contain properties and methods just like other objects. They even can be passed as arguments in other functions too.
  • It can even handle dates and times seamlessly
  • JS can perform form validation, and the forms are created with HTML
  • It is a compile-free language, it does not need any compiler, thus it makes web application development faster.


console.log(“Hello World”);


Java is an object-oriented programming language that contains a virtual platform that allows you to create compiled programs that can run on every platform.

Features of Java

  • Java is a platform-independent language , and the compiler converts the source code into the bytecode and then executes the bytecode which is then generated by the compiler. The bytecode which is developed can run on any platform.
  • In Java, the programs are arranged in terms of collections of objects, each of which represents an instance of the class.
  • Java is the best simple language as it does not contains any complex features like pointers, operators overloading and memory allocation as other programming languages contains.
  • Java is a robust and reliable language. It is developed in such a way, it can put the effort into checking errors as early as possible. This is because the Java compiler can able to find the errors which are not even possible to detect for other programming languages.
  • It supports multithreading. It is a Java feature that allows concurrent execution of two or more parts of a program for maximum utilization of the CPU.

Final Verdict

Both languages are best with their features. So, it is difficult to find the better one. Both languages are best as per your application requirements.

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