It is useful to know this about the types of compulsory insurance

Recent fires and other natural disasters have boosted interest in the insurance contract to compensate for losses. Recent statistics show that this growth continues not only in the field of life insurance, but also in non-life insurance. In this article, we will provide information on the types of compulsory insurance that need special attention.


Insurance Company

Before moving on to the should be noted that an insurance company (insurer) cannot refuse to conclude an insurance contract with a person. Wishing to insure on the types of compulsory insurance.

If it has received permission from the supervisory authority. Although entrepreneurs engaged in passenger transport sometimes report cases of refusal of compulsory civil liability insurance.

Insurance Law

They should take into account that it is a violation of the law for an insurer to refuse insurance if he has a permit for that type of insurance.

– It is also a violation of the law for an insurer to insist on concluding an insurance contract with him on a mandatory basis. Thus, a person is free to conclude an insurance contract with any insurer on a compulsory or voluntary basis.

– Compulsory types of insurance contracts are concluded for a period of 1 year, except for the cases specified in the contract. It should be noted that a new binding agreement must be signed after the expiration of such contracts.

Insurance of property

– Compulsory insurance of property in an emergency situation or unfit for operation is not allowed.

– Loss of income, illegal interests, fines, interest in betting, games and lotteries can not be insured.

– Compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners is applied for the purpose of indemnification of damage to property.

And health of persons other than the person driving the vehicle and family members.

– Compulsory real estate insurance is applied to compensate for the damage caused to real estate.

As a result of the circumstances specified by law. Damage to movable property is not reimbursed under this type.

– Even if a person has voluntarily insured his property, in whole or in part, he is still obliged to conclude a contract on compulsory types.

It is important to note the following about the types of property insurance that most mortgage borrowers face:

– As there is currently no mechanism for compulsory insurance of houses and apartments. Mortgage borrowers enter into a voluntary insurance contract at the request of the mortgage authority.

– It is important to know about those who call shortly before the expiration of the contract of compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners, saying, “If you sign a contract with us, you will get a discount,” it is illegal to apply any discounts on all types, including this type. The customer was informed that the amount of insurance premium, which is then presented as a discount, is the amount provided through this type of electronic system. To be more precise, the system can give discounts, not companies.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the claims for non-pecuniary damage. Damages during military operations, securities, paintings, inventions.

And precious stones are not reimbursed.

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