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Is your art just for decor?

You have many options to show your work. Your art would be a hit in coffee shops! It would be a hit with salons! They would be mistaken for professionals in offices. This is great news, especially for those just starting out. This is a stamp of approval for public spaces that want to display your work. Nearly every artist has done the “free” circuit. This is where you can get your feet wet. These low-risk locations offer an opportunity to learn(gallery brussels):

  • Prepare and price your artwork for installation.
  • Curate bodywork, because not all your work is great and looks great together.
  • Make sure you install your art correctly
  • Promote your art in a brick-and-mortar space

Gallery Brussels is a great way to improve your negotiation and conversation skills. Although there is rarely an agreement made in these venues it’s a good idea to include that option on your learning list. Many artists don’t bother to put in the effort because these venues are less serious than galleries. You’re after exposure. Deliver the work, and then install it yourself. Labels can be added later. Perhaps the date of de-installation is still open. Your work remains there after six months. It’s a routine that patrons and owners have come to accept. The nice background is very much appreciated by them. They don’t want it to go so they won’t respond to any attempts to communicate. You have free decor because of your art show. Let me make it clear: I don’t have anything against showing work at these venues. They are, as I mentioned above, training grounds for many artists. You are missing out on many possibilities. You can decorate a space free of charge. This doesn’t have been the case. Three ways you can benefit from displaying your work in non-art spaces.

gallery brussels

  1. Ask for trade

You could profit from the services and products offered by the venue if you trade your art loan. Others should appreciate your work.

  1. You can set up your deal as a rent-to-own or rental agreement

If the renters aren’t willing to work, you could charge a monthly fee. A detailed written agreement should be used to spell out all terms. A quick Internet search revealed an art venue that rents artwork at 3-5% off the retail price. 75% of the rental fees can apply to purchase.

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  1. As if the installation were full of possibilities, approach it

If you think it is, any venue can be less serious. You are responsible for any poor results if you do not do the work. You can make sure your art is not just decoration. Every setting need to view as a chance for professional development. Find out how to make the most of the opportunities listed at the top. We’ll round off that list with two more pieces of advice. Get to know your staff. Although you can’t always be there, they are. They can be a sales force for you. Be visible at the event frequently.

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