Is it possible to Get a Personal Loan for Self-employed People With No Income Tax returns?

Personal Loan For Self Employed


Personal loans are designed to satisfy your financial needs in difficult times. When it comes to unplanned or unplanned costs, there is nothing better than taking out an immediate loan. It’s no question that an individual loan is the most effective solution to all financial problems. There is a lot of talk about loans available to salaried workers, but how about self-employed persons? Both self-employed and salaried individuals can get Personal loans if they meet the eligibility criteria. The process of obtaining personal loan for self-employed persons is a breeze.

Making sure you have a few fundamental factors like credit score, income, and business continuity will enable you to obtain an instant loan. If you are self-employed, and you able to file an the Income Tax Return (ITR) could be a bit difficult to secure loans from banks or NBFCs. Recently there are numerous lenders offering individuals with personal loans persons provided they have the KYC documents are in order. Before you submit your loan application, be sure that you verify whether the lender will provide personal loans that do not require ITR , or not.

When you submit your KYC information and bank statements, as well as income evidence, and other documents, lenders will review each document and approve the loan once you satisfy all requirements.

Personal Loans for Self-employed Then Find The Eligibility Criteria

Qualification Criteria for Eligibility:

The borrower must be a Indian citizen India between the ages 18-65 years old.

The profit or turnover for the year is to be higher than 1 lakh, or according to the requirements of the lender.

The business’s age should be 3 years old or more.

Documents required:

Proof of age – Birth certificate/passport/PAN card

Proof of ID – Voter ID/Passport/Aadhar/PAN


The proof of residence is a passport or utility bill

Bank statement for the last 3 months.

Evidence of income – Most recent Income tax returns, balance sheet for the last two years, the profit/loss statement

When there is a need for money self-employed individuals is able to get personal loan with no ITR conditions. Make sure you meet other eligibility requirements and maintain a positive credit rating in order to get your loan quickly. Therefore, you will never need to worry over getting loans even if you’re self-employed, and you don’t need to submit an Income Tax Return. From paying off your debts to addressing all of your personal requirements the personal loan comes handy to cover the costs.

Well-qualified borrowers may receive a rate that’s significantly lower than average and the most qualified borrowers generally receive the best rates. This rate and qualification depend on various factors, including your creditworthiness and the loans available through your chosen lender. Aside from the interest rates involved in the process, there are some additional charges and processing fees to be mindful of before signing up for a loan request so that the process is safe, transparent, and efficient to avoid any scam or fraud in the future.

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