Introduction to SAP HR And What Are its Benefits?

SAP Human Resource (HR) is a module of SAP that facilitates solutions for payroll, time and attendance, talent management, and employee experience management. Etc. It digitalizes the work of the HR team and helps in addressing the critical workforce transformation needs of the company(SAP HR Training).

Modules of SAP HR

Given below are some of the modules of SAP HR

Organizational Management

This module facilitates an organized way for different people to work under a common platform towards. It helps them in achieving a pre-defined goal and ensures smart management of time and resources in the workstation.

Personnel Administration

It defines the processes responsible for managing the Human Resource of an organization. In addition, this module records and tracks every stage of recruiting such as compensation, benefits, new employee orientation, and performance appraisal. Etc.


This is a web-based reciting process that is useful for HR professionals in hiring the right talent for the right job. Using this module allows Hr professionals to implement innovative ways of conducting the recruitment processes in an organization.

Time Management

Using this module helps an organization plan, record, and valuation of employee’s performance for a certain period. furthermore, this process also consists of attendance management, calculation of wages, log-in and log-out reports, etc.


This module deals with the pay scale and compensations given away to employees. It eliminates the need of doing manual work to process the salary. Furthermore, it calculates everything from salary to overtime pay, comp-off pay, and compensation program.

ESS and MSS Employee Self Service (ESS): It allow employees to individually track various data of their tenure in an organization. In addition, Management Self-Service (MSS) is useful for managers for creating and maintaining the accurate data of employees securely.


The HR team uses this module to regularly deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information to all its employees. Furthermore, you can use this module to track the hierarchal structure followed in an organization. It keeps the top organizations updated about what’s going on in the organization.

Benefits of Implementing SAP HR in an Organization

Implementing the SAP HR module allows you to organize a structured HR process system in a workstation. It helps in automating multiple tasks and reduces manual work and increases productivity. SAP HR provides various models for different processes in HR management and it is useful for recording data based on time management, payroll details, and work schedules. To further know about it, one can visit SAP HR Training Institute in Noida. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of implementing SAP HR in an organization.

Simplified and Standardized HR

It simplifies and standardizes the HR processes as it provides applications such as HR, payroll, talent, and analytics. It facilitates innovations and removes complicity and bias, thus increasing process efficiency savings.

The Employee Experience

SAP HR improves the employee experience and helps in creating a personalized, engaging experience throughout their stint. It helps in meeting their needs and facilitates their career without bias.

Adapt to Changing Business Needs

It digitalizes the HR functions and provides faster responses and resolution while maintaining optimum performance. It provides digital strategies with a cloud suite that is flexible and extensible.

Manage Workforce

It facilitates complete visibility and control to the management, enabling informed decisions. Furthermore, it ensures total workforce management by unifying data onto a single platform and eliminating inconsistencies.

Integrate and Analyze

SAP HR provides valuable workforce data and allows decision makers to gain insight into their workforce and make informed or even predictive decisions.

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Is SAP HR Good for Career?

Yes, SAP HR is a valuable course, and going through it can provide you with many career opportunities. This module records all the data of an employee in an organization from the joining date. It stores all the important employee data such as designation, role, address, and salary details, and simplifies the HR’s job. Due to their reason, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals in SAP HR. Many institutes provide SAP HR Training in Gurgaon and one can enroll in them to start a career in it.  Here are some of the leading companies that use the SAP HR module.

  • Compass Group
  • Arthrex
  • Adidas
  • Southwest Water Company
  • Newell Brands
  • Delta Air Lines

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