Installation of Home Security Cameras: What You Should Know 

It’s not hard to set up a home security camera, but it can be hard to choose the right one. There are many different kinds of home security cameras, so the key is to find the one that fits your needs the best. One thing that is often forgotten about home cameras installed is how much it costs to record video. Some companies charge a fee to store videos in the cloud; some only keep the last 24 hours of videos. How to set up a security camera at home 

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Think about safety 

Depending on the home surveillance system you select, you may need a ledge to put it up. If you select a wired home security camera, you will have to do some electrical work and take a few more steps. 


i• Ladders 

ii• Drills 

iii• Ladders 

iv• Screwdriver with a Phillips’s head 

v• Hammer drill 

vi• Drill bits for stonework 


The installation kit for a home security camera should come with everything you need, but you might also need the following: 

i• Fish tape 

ii• Tape 

iii• Anchors made of plastic 

Installation of Home Security 

1. Invest In Home Video Cameras

Additionally, there are a variety of security cameras on the market that can be positioned and zoomed in on and cameras that include HD footage and easy motion detection. There are also wireless home security cameras, wired security cameras, cameras that are only partly wireless and simpler game cameras that are all like these. Before choosing a subscription, and you should look into what each one has to offer because those monthly charges can add up. 

2. Choose A Location For Your Security Camera

The best spot to set up a home camera system is to look at your property. It should be in a place where it can see a high-priority area, like the front door, to keep porch pirates away. Find a place where a camera won’t get wet in the rain, or buy one that can handle rain. If you want a wired security camera, make a plan for how the wires will go through the walls. 

3. Set Up The Mount For The Home Security Camera

A setup kit and instructions on where to drill a hole for the camera mount are included with the majority of home security camera setups. Install any mounting pins by hammering them into place after drilling pilot holes for the screws. To complete, attach the camera mount using screws to the desired location. Drilling holes in your house and running cables through the walls are required if your home surveillance system is wired. The cables will then be linked to a recording device.

4. Set Up The Security Camera At Home 

You may have to add batteries to some camera packages. The camera must be connected to the power supply and mounted securely in both cases.

5. Wrap Up The Technical Details 

After everything is set up, connect everything. Software and instructions for setting up a wireless home security camera should come with it. If you have wired security cameras in your home, you need to connect them all to a device that can record, like a DVR. 

How to set up a Wired Security Camera at Home 

The same procedures apply if you want to install a wired camera system in your home rather than a wireless one. In addition, you’ll need to locate a location for the recording that is near to an outlet, design where your cables will go, create holes in walls so you can hook the wires in, and find a way to hide the wires. Installing a wired house camera system can be challenging if you don’t understand how to drill into specific areas of your home.

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