Installation and maintenance tips for non-return valves

Not a single piping professional or expert can deny the importance of non-return valves. The water systems that need only the fluid to flow in one direction need to deploy non-return valves without which the particular fluid can flow in a backward direction and can have serious effects. Non-return valves allow fluids to easily flow only in one direction. Many industries use non-return valves to allow fluid flow in the right and single direction. You can go through this post to gain more info about non-return valves in precise detail.

Detail about non-return valves:

Non-return valves (NRV) are also popularly called check valves, retention valves, clack valves, and one-way valves. These valves are mainly designed and manufactured for allowing the fluid to flow only unidirectionally by avoiding liquid from flowing back.

The significance of non-return valves is their operation of permitting downstream flowing of fluid and prevention of the particular fluid in the upstream direction. Non-return valves are generally simple in structure, small and not so costly. Frank P Cotter in 1907 had first developed the 1st model of NRV.

What is the working procedure for non-return valves?

Before we move on to the installation and maintenance tips of non-return valves, you need to understand the whole working principle of non-return valves. Two openings are usually there in the non-return valves’ body along with a closing member which is in between those closing members. While the particular fluid sets forth the NRV, then the pressure holds that closing mechanism unfasten. By chance, if the fluid makes any attempt of flowing back via NRV in the reverse direction, then the closing member forces back on the top of the NRV’s entrance by avoiding the fluid flow. Generally, non-return valves operate automatically and that means most non-return valves are regulated or controlled by external control or persons but solely by the flow of fluid itself.

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What are the installation tips for non-return valves?

Have a glance at the installation tips of non-return valves:

> After purchasing non-return valve, check whether the bores are clean or not and free from any foreign material.

> You must install the NRV as per the given direction arrow mentioned on the body concurrent with the flow direction in your pipeline.

> The fluid flow direction has to be upwards for the vertical pipework.

> Non-return valves should be provided with sufficient support and adjoining pipework need to be supported to prevent the strains on pipelines on the body of non-return valves.

> The interior of the non-return valves must be well inspected via the end ports in order to determine they are clean.

> Before the installation process, the protectors and valves need to be removed permanently.

> Take proper care to provide the perfect alignment of the flanges to get aligned.

> Check for the bolts for the correct length, size & material.

A few maintenance tips for non-return valves:

  1. Non-return valves must be at zero pressure before the inspection.
  2. Operators or maintenance engineers must use the right kind of fitting equipment and tools.
  3. If by chance the thickness of the wall reduces by 25 per cent then non-return valve must be immediately replaced.
  4. If possible then take a risk assessment because through this, the potential severe hazards can be reduced.
  5. The maintenance programs must include checking on some unforeseen conditions otherwise that can result in failures.


So, now you must know clearly what non-return valve are and their installation & maintenance procedure. In simple words to put – non-return valves are used in multiple industries and especially in potable water supply systems to cease the fluid from returning, as stopping the fluids to flow backwards is important to avoid damage. Get in contact with one of the reliable and reputed suppliers of non-return valves.

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