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While many businesses have seen a slowdown in 2022, you might be surprised to learn that some agile organisations are thriving despite widespread disruptions. And they all share e-Commerce websites in common. These companies utilised e-commerce marketing so effectively because they adapted to it at the ideal time, bringing in more clients than they had previously.(online business Singapore)

What sort of success stories have they had? Why did they succeed? Here, we present with you seven Malaysian companies that, in our opinion, used e-commerce to best advantage:

1. Oxwhite(online business Singapore)

Oxwhite’s marketing campaign became viral on Facebook in 2018, which is when they began to receive media attention. Oxwhite, a startup selling office wear, lacked a physical retail location to promote its clothing. Sales were entirely dependent on their e-commerce website. To generate buzz and interest, Oxwhite used various digital marketing channels including social media and media mentions.

The outcome? They have sold shirts, blouses, tees, and even underwear through their website for close to RM 8.4 million. Oxwhite made sure that their marketing methods complemented the customer’s buying process so that they would be led to the e-commerce website with a desire to make a purchase.

2. Kamelia Cosmetics and the Velvet Vanity(online business Singapore)

We enjoy discussing regional cosmetic lines that are appropriate for Malaysian skin tones and climate. We aim to draw attention to Velvet Vanity and Kamelia as two brands. These emerging businesses not only have a strong brand difference to draw in young adults, but they also have attractive e-Commerce websites. A chatbot, payment methods, and even a newsletter offer make shopping and user experience simple so that customers can keep up with the newest deals and fashions.

Due to a lack of or absence of physical distributes, many emerging SMEs depend largely on internet sales, like Velvet Vanity & Kamelia. As a result, they make sure that their website can assist clients, respond to their inquiries, and drive traffic via links and advertisements, typically from Instagram. Young consumers who grew up with the internet gravitate toward these companies, sharing their enthusiasm on social media.

3. Poplook

In Malaysia, Poplook is a well-known brand among modest fashionistas. Poplook, a company founded in 2009, has achieved success through online marketing and e-commerce. In addition to offering unique and high-quality products, Poplook also runs an expertly designed online store where its brand’s voice and identity can be seen.

Poplook is also able to export their modest clothing via e-commerce to ASEAN, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia, and the USA. Evidence that online shopping is global, wherever your clients are!

4. BookXcess Online

In 2020, BookXcess was able to mitigate the effects of closures and mobility restrictions thanks to a well-maintained e-commerce platform. Although the business does have physical locations in well-known malls, its primary distribution channel has always been its website. As a result, operational expenses are decreased and BookXcess is able to provide its reading materials to customers at very competitive pricing. As more individuals choose to shop online as a result, sales increase 15 times greater during MCO.

However, BookXcess did not abandon their online store unattended. To draw in and keep Malaysian bookworms, they amplify it with promotions (like the Big Bad Wolf Sale), marketing initiatives, and email newsletters.

5. Amazin

Amy Zheng, a Malaysian, founded Amazin’ Graze in 2015 to provide wholesome snacks and delights. Amazin’ Graze also introduces new goods and seasonal gift boxes through their online store along with clever marketing initiatives.

Amazin’ Graze depends on internet sales through their website, just like the other firms we’ve already highlighted. As a result, the website was created and developed to elicit the feelings that the brand wants to convey. For instance, their Christmas 2020 theme features banner ads and feature images that fit with the cosy holiday mood.

6. Signature Market

Here is another F&B business that heavily relies on e-commerce tactics to increase sales. The goal of Signature Market is to alter the way Malaysians purchase nutritious foods like quinoa, almond milk, goji berries, and others. The business used e-commerce to concentrate its operations and expenses on locating healthy food and offering it for sale at reasonable pricing.

Signature Market uses social media, email marketing, and other digital marketing techniques to attract visitors to their website, as we have seen with other e-commerce companies around town. It has assisted them in expanding their consumer base and modifying Malaysian snacking customs.

7.Fish For It!

Want to provide customers with fresh seafood while also helping out the neighbourhood fisherman? Have a website that connects the two groups for online shopping!

Customers place seafood preorders on the Fish For It website. Within 48 hours, fishermen from Sungai Besar in Sabak Bernam will capture, prepare, and package the items before delivering them dock-to-door. Speak of ethical fishing methods! It’s a distinctive method for customers to obtain seafood that is assuredly fresh from the sea. E-commerce enables this business model because the platform enables real-time two-way communication.

What can we take out from this, then?

  • E-commerce connects with new, younger, and more tech-savvy clients.
  • E-commerce provides prospects for export with sales to foreign markets.
  • E-commerce can increase sales when combined with effective marketing tactics.
  • E-commerce provides other revenue opportunities to complement offline distribution.
  • E-commerce enables vendors to concentrate on giving customers more value.
  • E-commerce can support SMEs and regional businesses.

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