Important Things To Consider Before Having Sundarban Tour

Tips on Sundarban Tour

“Going to Sundarban package tour from Kolkata? You should know some important points before going there. Here are those points for you”.

Sundarban is one of the most famous tourist places in West Bengal that houses the Royal Bengal Tigers. The place is surrounded by exotic mangrove forests and a picturesque view of nature. So, all of your investment for Sundarban package tour price will not go in vain.  Not only the Royal Bengal tiger, but also you can watch here for a glimpse of some of the rare animals. Before you pack your bag, read the following things from the article.

Pack Light

When travelling with the Sundarban tour package, you should pack only what you need. Sundarban is such a place where you can enjoy it all day long. So, pack light and get immersed in the scenic natural beauty.

There are so many wild animals in Sundarban. So, you should take care of the foods that are being carried in Sundarban tour packages. Biscuits are fine but steer clear of chips that can make noise and disturb the natural habitats of animals. In that case, fruits can be an ideal option to be carried in Sundarban. As it makes as little noise as possible.

Pay attention to What You Wear

You must wear something that doesn’t attract animals in your Sundarban package tour from Kolkata. Try to avoid bright colours as much as possible as this will stand out. Instead, choose darker hues that can get blended well in the forest. Apart from that, bright coloured attire can confuse wild birds. You will be missing the real adventure of watching birds wearing bright coloured dresses on Sundarban tour.

Avoid Strong Scented Perfumes

The wild animals have a robust sense of smell. They use this skill to survive in the wild. Apart from that, a strong flowery scent can attract honeybees that can ruin your adventure. The larger animals can also turn aggressive due to foreign smells.

Bring a First Aid Kit, Bug Spray and Sunscreen

A fully stocked first aid kit box along with the necessary insect spray and sunscreen is a must for Sundarban tour package, especially in summer. In the wilderness, you don’t know when things can go worse. So, it is always recommended to bring a first aid kit and another insect spray along with you. The first aid medical kit will take care of your minor injuries such as small cuts and blisters. If any small wound is neglected in the wild, it can turn into a septic. The insect spray will keep you protected from harmful bites and sunscreen for unnecessary sunburnt spots on the face.

Choose a Good Tour Operator

If you are booking your Sundarban tour with any travel agency, then make sure the agency has a good reputation and reviews and also offers an affordable package for Sundarban tour.  Your tour operators have the power to make or break your day during a package tour. A good tour operator will take you to the right place at the right time, so you can derive most of it. They will provide you with the right accommodation and proper food which is mandatory for a great outdoors.


These all are the things that you should remember when you book Sundarban trip packages from Kolkata. Sundarban is such a place that will embark on your memories for a lifetime. So, follow these rules and have a great Sundarban day that will be always there in your best memories forever.

Author Bio: Krishna, a travel blogger writes on Sundarban trips. Here, he has shared information on important factors that should be considered while you are planning a trip to Sundarban. Read his articles & blogs to know more.

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