Impact of fashion on society

Fashion is something that we deal with in our everyday life. Fashion makes being attractive and develops confidence in society. Fashion includes clothing styles, footwear, makeup, body piercing, and so on. It is the turning point of society. Some of the types include casual wear, formal wear, informal wear, and gym wear. The whole society is influenced by the latest fashion trends. Our society is more influenced by celebrities. Today’s teenagers are more inclined toward the latest fashion trends. The term “Fashion” is dynamic it can be changed with time. It has entered our life. By taking an important position in our life, everyone is influenced by it. 

There are some glimpses of the impact of fashion on society

1. Youth attitude towards new trends-

Youth are inclined towards the latest fashion and trends. There are many varieties of outfits which today’s youth like to choose. These include shirts, printed shirts for men, and many different varieties of outfits. When a particular style or trend comes in the use by any celebrity then, that style becomes a trend among youth. Especially among college students. These fashion trends develop a positive attitude in the children, youth or the older ones. The main motive of youth to do fashion is to show off and make others jealous. Teens spend most of their time on social media. With the help of influencers of fashion trends teens used to adopt new trends. Sometimes ugly outfits are also adopted by the young generation. Which looks not so good.

2. Growth of employment in the fashion industry

Fashion has taken to our society for ages. At present fashion, industries grow fastly. This removes unemployment and results in the country’s growth. There are many sectors in the cloth industry with various varieties of outfits. These outfits include comfortable jogger sets, pants, branded jeans, and so on. This industry has a wide business opportunity for those who are in search of business

The positive impact on society-

Fashion plays an important role in everyone’s life. It increases the confidence among the people. It is a way of expressing the personality of every being. Designers are inventing new designs. With the help of new designs, people start feeling happy. With the help of fashion, talented people can show their talent. With the help of fashion new and creative designers come into the spotlight.                                              

The negative impact of fashion on society

Beyond the level of the comfort zone, people wear uncomfortable outfits. For proving them different and unique. Stealing, robbing, and use of other ill means. To become fancy is not uncommon among youth today.

                                              Big discrimination between upper cast and lower cast people.Due to fashionable outfits people starting to show off. This develops the feeling of jealousy among the people. Due to this feeling of insecurity, fight and violence take place among them.

Conclusion-  The trend in fashion is changing day by day. With the passage of time. We move with the new trends. But we should adopt that clothes only which suit us

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