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Hyde Edge Recharge – Revolution in the World of Vaping

Disposable vapes have taken the vaping world by storm, and for a good reason. They are convenient, easy to use and provide a great vaping experience. Now, there is a new disposable vape on the market that is raising the bar the ” Hyde Edge Recharge.”

This device features an innovative design that distinguishes it from other disposable vapes. Let’s look at what makes the Hyde Edge Recharge so special!

What Makes Hyde Edge Recharge Special?

The Hyde Edge Recharge retains the classic disposable vape design. It has a cylindrical shape with a smooth plastic exterior. The device contains a small LED light that blinks when you take a puff.

But what sets the Hyde Edge Recharge apart from other disposables is its unique charging system. This device comes with a Micro USB charging slot. To use this slot, attach a micro USB charger to the bottom of the device when it’s time to recharge.

The Hyde Edge Recharge also features a larger e-liquid capacity than most disposables. Each Cartridge holds up to ten milliliters of e-liquid, which is nearly twice as much as some other disposables! Hyde Edge contains 50MG (5.0%) Nicotine Salt.


  •         Hyde Edge Rechargeable Is Available in 10 Packs.
  •         Each Cartridge contains 50MG (5.0%) Nicotine Salt.
  •         10ml E-Liquid.
  •         Cartridge Is Good For 3300 Puffs.
  •         600mAh Battery.
  •         Micro USB Charging.


  •         Peach Mango Watermelon
  •         Aloe Grape
  •         Sour Apple Ice
  •         Neon Rain
  •         Pineapple Ice
  •         Strawberries & Cream
  •         Spearmint
  •         Banana Ice
  •         Blue Razz
  •         Lush Ice
  •         Blue Razz Ice
  •         Raspberry Watermelon
  •         Blue Razz Ice
  •         Honeydew Punch
  •         Pineapple Peach Mango
  •         Pina Colada
  •         Strawberry Banana

How To Use:

Hyde Edge is very easy to use. To create a puff, simply inhale on the mouthpiece. The Hyde Edge will heat the juice to produce vapor. You can control how much vapor you produce by how hard or soft you inhale!

To recharge, find the micro USB charging port. Once plugged in, a green light will appear on the side of the Hyde Edge, indicating that it is charging. When fully charged, the light will turn off.

Why Is Hyde Creating A Buzz In Vaping World?

The Hyde Edge Recharge is a revolutionary new product in the world of vaping. This cartridge-based disposable vape is designed for use with nicotine salt e-liquids, and it delivers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Hyde Edge is also one of the most user-friendly disposable vapes on the market. It is also extremely affordable and offers a variety of flavor options for users to choose from.

Is The Hyde Edge Recharge Right For You?

If you are looking for a disposable vape that is easy to use and delivers a great vaping experience, then the Hyde Edge Recharge is definitely worth checking out. This product is perfect for those new to vaping or for experienced vapers looking for an affordable and convenient way to enjoy their favorite e-liquids.


Hyde Edge Recharge is creating waves in the vaping community and is definitely a product that one should check out. This product is perfect for those new to vaping or for experienced vapers looking for an affordable and convenient way to enjoy their favorite e-liquids.

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