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How To Utilize User-Generated Content For Events

User-generated content is one term that every person involved in the business and marketing world must know. 87% of brands use UGC to share authentic content with their customers.

The importance of user-generated content is not limited to websites; it plays a significant role in making events successful. How? Let’s find out through this blog!

Ways To Utilize User-Generated Content For Events

Utilizing user-generated content to enhance your business and brand comes in multiple ways. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

1. Start With A Hashtag

Create a hashtag that is relevant to the events. Request that attendees use these hashtags to post photographs, videos, and other event-related content and display the live hashtag stream on the event screen.

You will engage the users in this manner, which will also aid UGC generation.

2. Social Media Wall

The social media wall has been accepted as one of the best ways through which you can enhance the buzz around your event.

Displaying user-generated content in photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, etc., from various social media platforms on big screens in real-time grabs the audience’s attention at events.

These social media platforms are Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. 

A social media wall’s benefits are never-ending, such as enhanced social proof, high conversion rates, brand advocacy, a sense of trust, and increased revenue.

But the most important one is high audience engagement. Every marketer craves that, and the social media wall makes it effortless for them. 

social media wall

You can install social media walls for events at different locations during events. The audience looks at these social media walls and witnesses social media posts of the audience getting featured on the social media wall.

This motivates them to create social media posts around the event and post them on social media. In this way, the event’s social presence enhances along with the audience’s engagement.

3. A Selfie Wall

Unlike a social media wall, this is a substantial frame or backdrop with your event hashtag, theme colours. and anything else that would help people remember your event. Attendees can then use the frame to take a selfie to post on their social media profiles

You can offer the audience the opportunity to snap a selfie with a celebrity speaker as an added incentive to take a selfie. Having the chance to take a photo with a professional in their field is a terrific motivation to participate and effectively promote your event.

4. Hold Contests, Polls, And Discussions

Tools for audience engagement are the most basic yet vital aspects that every event platform should have. Even after years of events and webinars.

Many events are still not taking advantage of these elements to their full potential. Many natural and authentic connections between audience members are created during live chats.

When presenters respond to live questions, attendees can use their voices and feel acknowledged.

Polls are one of the most practical yet underutilized elements that allow presenters to gauge their audience’s reaction before delving into their subject.

These elements get your guests to share their own photos and videos from the event. You might make it a treasure hunt, with the first person to post a picture of a specific exhibition stand, for example, winning complimentary tickets to the following year’s event.

If you modify the competition often enough, your guests will be motivated to keep contributing photographs and videos for a chance to win.

5. Select A Theme

Selecting and applying a theme allows you to develop unique ideas, images, colours, and forms that your guests want to photograph.

In addition, you can promote your theme through audiovisual components, dress code, invites, programs, marketing, decor, entertainment, cuisine, and music if you choose to do so. 

A giant screen featuring a repeated movie of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, for example. An Alice in the Wonderland theme. In addition, teacups and red flowers could be used as table centrepieces.

6. Involve Influencers

If you’ve already held an event, you’ll already have a following on social media. Encourage your followers to write a review on your social media page about their favourite element of the event to turn them into influencers. 

Sharing their comments is a terrific approach to attract new people to attend while also demonstrating that you value previous attendees’ thoughts and opinions. These comments might also assist you in learning and improving your event.

Wrapping Up!

We mentioned a few brilliant ways to use user-generated content to harness all the significant benefits on offer. A social media wall is one of them, and creating a brilliant one is essential. But, again, Taggbox can help you out through this.

It is an in-demand user-generated content platform and social media aggregator tool. With brilliant customization, personalization, and moderation features. It gets your social media wall created in minutes.

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