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How to Unlock Password Protected Outlook PST Files?

We are unable to view Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Journal entries, etc. when a PST file becomes locked or unavailable. And if such files are crucial, then the PST password file must be unlocked. I’ll show you the best technique for PST Password Recovery in this post, which is a safe and secure procedure.

Password Reset Method For PST Manually

PST files could previously only be manually unlocked by Outlook users using the “pst19upg.exe” program. However, it was only compatible with Outlook 2002. For MS Outlook versions 2002 and before, it is a free utility.

If you are using Outlook 2002 or an earlier version, you can try the following manual procedure:

1. Press the Window Key and “R” while on the Start Menu.
2. CMD, then hit Enter.
3. The PST file’s path should be copied and pasted into a command line.
4. By doing this, a duplicate PST file called “filename.psx” is created (same name as the original File).
5. Once you’ve finished, give the original PST file a new name—an old PST file.
6. Enter “pst19upg.exe-filename.psx” into the command prompt.
7. This generates an Outlook PST file that is password-free.

Read on to uncover the correct way for recovering the password from an Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2016 PST file.

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Recovery of PST Passwords Using Software Other Than “pst19upg.exe”

Find the PST file’s location first.
You must be aware of where your password-protected.pst file is kept before proceeding with PST Password Recovery.

If you don’t know where the PST file is, let’s find it together:

1. Launch the Control Panel.
2. Click twice on the Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016).
3. Choose the Data Files… option from the Mail Setup of Outlook dialogue box.
4. Choose the locked.pst file from the protected list.
5. You may access the location of the.pst file in Windows Explorer by clicking the Open File Location button.
6. The PST folder’s default location is: C:\Users{account_name}\Documents\Outlook Files

Trusted Solution- Outlook PST Password Recovery

Now that you know where the Outlook 2016 pst file is located, you can easily recover password protected PST file by using the Outlook PST Password Removal Tool.

This is how:

1. Install the PST Password Remover program after downloading it.
2. PST Password Removal Tool should be activated.
3. Choose Browse PST file or folder to add PST files to the application interface.

4. Choose Reset or Remove Password from the menu.

5. Create a new password for yourself if yours gets changed.

High-quality Softaken PST Password Removal features.

  • Easy to utilize in practice.
  • Unlocking PST files with flexibility.
  • Password-protected Outlook PST files can be reset.
  • It is simple to use Outlook in all of its versions.
  • A significant lot of Windows compatibility.
  • Demo capability for software functionality testing.
  • It is easy to work with ANSI & UNICODE PST files.
  • Passwords for PST file formats should be removed.
  • PST password recovery in a hurry.
  • Outlook PST file password recovery in bulk.
  • PST file transmission is clear.
  • The user-defined output file storage path.

Key characteristics of PST Password Remover

Separate software

Outlook PST Password Remover can erase PST passwords and recover password-protected files without the need to install Microsoft Outlook. You may still safely password-protect your emails even without MS Outlook.

Fast Recovery

The ingenious program can mass recover password-protected Outlook files. This suggests that you can use the password removal option on several PST files you’ve chosen. Bulk recovery is possible using this function, and time is saved.

Recovering a complex PST password

Outlook PST Password Recovery restores PST files even when the passwords are lengthy or multilingual. The password’s length is not taken into consideration. It successfully breaks PST passwords of any length and opens locked emails.

Remove old passwords

It is difficult to remember dated passwords. The application does, however, let you remove old passwords. Select PST files with expired passwords and let the software perform its task. The application easily removes expired passwords and unlocks PST files.

Superior Compatibility

All versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and the most recent version, Outlook 2019, is compatible with the application. Both Windows 32 and 64-bit are supported well by the program. The program works continuously on every version of Windows OS.

Free Download

I need the tool now, please. The tool’s free version enables anyone who plans to buy it to test it out before shelling out money for it. The user will find it simpler to evaluate each utility function as a result.


I’ve provided you with some useful information in this post about how to unlock the PST password in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and earlier versions of Outlook. PST File Password Recovery may be done quickly using one of the two ways mentioned. However, the manual method is only compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook. Therefore, if you have unluckily forgotten your password, I have recommended using the PST Password Recovery Tool to open the PST file.

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