How to troubleshoot Arlo Camera Offline and Not Recording Issue

Troubleshoot Arlo Camera Offline and Not Recording Issue

If your Arlo camera is offline or not recording anything, there are a few things you can do to fix these issues. We’ve created this article to help you troubleshoot your Arlo cameras when they aren’t working properly like Arlo Camera Offline, Arlo Camera is Not Recording and Arlo Camera Not Connecting to WiFi, etc.

 How to troubleshoot Arlo Camera Offline

Check the battery status

The first thing you should check is whether or not the battery on your camera is fully charge. Many times, cameras will appear offline when they actually just need a charge. 

Check the power connection

The next thing to troubleshoot, Arlo Camera Offline is to check the power connection of your camera. Make sure that it is plugged into an outlet or connected to a wall outlet via an extension cord. Also, check the wire connections and make sure they are secure. If your camera is plugged into an extension cord, make sure that it is not loose or disconnected from its original outlet.

Check the Ethernet cable

If you are using multiple cameras in your home make sure that all cameras are connected to the same Ethernet cable or switch. If you have more than one Arlo camera connected to a single router, try plugging them into separate ports on the router to see if that fixes the issue.

Reset your router

If you’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work, resetting your router may solve the issue: unplug it from its power source for 30 seconds and then plug it back in again.

Check the connection

Make sure that the Arlo base station is connecting to the internet and functioning properly. You can do this by going into the Arlo app or by checking the connectivity status on the base station itself. If it says “Connected,” then everything is good and there’s nothing else you need to do. If it says “Offline,” then make sure your modem or router is turn on and that all of your internet cables are connect properly.

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Reasons and Troubleshooting Arlo Camera is Not Recording

 If your Arlo camera is not recording, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The batteries are dead or low.
  2. The SD card is full.
  3. Arlo camera has been damage by water or other liquids and needs to be replace it.
  4. A power outage occurred while the Arlo camera was on and recording, resulting in a corrupted file that needs to be delete.
  5. The camera has dropped during installation or use, causing internal damage that will require the replacement of the unit with a new one.

Solutions to Fix Arlo camera is not recording

If your Arlo camera is not recording, the first step to take is to check your Arlo account. Be sure that the camera has been pair with your base station and that it has a strong connection to your Wi-Fi network. If your Arlo device is connect but still not recording, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the battery level on your Arlo device by pressing the battery icon on the top right corner of the Live View screen. If it’s low, recharge the battery or replace it.
  • Restart your Arlo camera by disconnecting it from Wi-Fi and power, waiting 30 seconds, and then reconnecting.
  • If you’ve recently added or delete cameras from your system, this can affect performance for a few days as they re-sync with each other and their base station.

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