How to tie a baby bandana?

Babies are adorable on their own. But, who can resist dressing them in cute baby turban bows and bandanas? We are not! That’s why at Bandanas of Hope, we carry a large selection of baby turbans, swaddle bandanas, and adjustable little-ones bandanas that grow with them. Our bandanas will be a hit with your little one, as well as our exclusive selection of baby bandana. The only thing left is to know how to tie bandanas for baby boys and girls so they stay put and look cute! Today we will show you how to tie baby bandanas in fun and cute ways. Bandanas of Hope products are donated to children with illnesses when they purchase them. This makes it possible for everyone to look good and feel cute in high-quality bandanas.

The Knotted Baby Turban

The knotted baby turban is a great look! It can even grow with your baby until they are two years old. You can adjust the size of your baby as they get older. You will need two rubber bands, a square of stretch fabric, and two rubber bands. Begin by placing the baby’s turban material flat under the baby’s head. Lay the fabric down under the baby’s head, starting at the bottom of the ear. As if you were wrapping a bandana around your ears, gather the fabric. As if you were making an up-do at the forehead, bring all the fabric to the front. Wrap one of the rubber bands around the fabric at the front. Now you should have a long collection of fabric at the front. You will then twist the fabric all the way to the bottom. Take this twist and wrap it tightly around the rubber band. Make sure it doesn’t get loose. Tuck any extra fabric under your knot. Now take your second rubber band, secure the knot at its base, and voila! Now you have a baby turban that is tied! For an adorable styling choice, you can make a baby-knot bandana using the same technique!

baby bandana

The Top Knot

Place your baby bow bandana in its full length on the table. Fold the left side diagonally. Next, fold the left side diagonally. The first knot is formed by the right side. Now, take the right side and tie it under the left side. You’re good to go!

The Classic Bow

Start with a narrow bottle between your knees. Wrap the bow around it, keeping the long ends pointed up. Cross the right side of the bottle over the left. Continue with the left side. Take the left side and place it under the right side. Make a knot. Next, fold the right side over and make a loop. The left side should be tucked under the right. Pull the material through. Now you should have one end of your bow. The next step is to fold the right side in half and form a loop. Tuck the end through the knot below the bow, and you’re done! The bow and knot are now ready to go!

Bandana of Hope offers a wide selection of high-quality baby bandanas and tops for girls and boys. You’ll feel great knowing that you have made a child’s life easier and also made them look beautiful. Don’t forget about yourself while you shop for your children. We carry a gorgeous selection of athletic wear, winter wear, and the adult tube turbans & wire ties you want to look cute this season.

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