How to Style Summer Dresses for Juniors When School Starts

Hold on to your summer dresses for juniors—they’ve still got so much left to give. Even if you’re starting a new school year, you can still up-style your favorite summer looks. It should be easy to turn them into stylish outfits for school because, seasonally, it’s still summer.

Summer technically isn’t over until late September. Depending on the weather, you might be able to wear your favorite summer pieces for a while yet. Or, you can pick a few new summer outfits to enjoy before fall. If you need help turning casual summer pieces into trending looks for the classroom, here’s what to consider.

Adding a Layer Over Dresses for Juniors

It might not be cold enough for a heavy sweater. Still, sometimes those classrooms get chilly. If you’re going to wear summer dresses for juniors, pack a lightweight sweater or jacket. You can throw it on when the air conditioning feels strong. This technique is for comfort and style. It looks great with strappy, smocked mini dresses and rompers. It doesn’t work as well for halter styles because sweaters get in the way of the neckline. But halter necklines might not align with your school’s dress code anyway. It’s something to consider and work around, depending on how strict your school is.

To Sleeve or Not to Sleeve?

Speaking of, some schools may have strict dress codes that won’t let you wear any sleeveless dress. In that case, layering a jacket, cardigan, or sweater over your outfit is an option. If your school allows it, you can wear your favorite sleeveless summer dress as-is. You only have about a month or so at the beginning of the year to enjoy summer dresses for juniors at school. So, if the weather is absolutely perfect and it’s not breaking any rules, you might as well go sleeveless. The layering tip can also help if your school allows sleeveless dresses but has requirements on strap width.

Assembling Appropriate Outfits for the Classroom

When returning to the classroom, consider how appropriate your outfits are for school. Is that a pinch old-fashioned? Maybe. But it’s to help you feel comfortable. After all, you don’t want to fuss with an outfit all day when you should be focusing on school stuff. And it’s easier to pay attention when you’re comfortable and not worried about your clothes. So, you could wear five-inch biker shorts under your dresses for juniors. And you can choose a romper instead of a dress sometimes. Most importantly, you should wear pieces that fit. That way, you don’t have to worry about your outfit all day.

Shopping Tips for the Next Season

The summer season only coincides with the school year for a short time. Make the most of it. Then, think of how you’ll shop for the next season. Look for dresses that show off some seasonal colors. Ditch the sleeveless styles unless you’re shopping for date night dresses and party dresses. Or, layer square-neck dresses for juniors with straps over a black turtleneck. Think about which dresses will look cute with some tights underneath. Even if the weather stays pretty nice year-round, you can refresh your wardrobe just for the seasonality of it.

You still have quite a bit of time before pumpkin spice season wraps you in its cozy embrace. Until then, enjoy the rest of summer and its stylish outfits. Just don’t underestimate the power of a good sweater. Then, you can continue to impress the people around you with a fresh sense of style.

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