How to Start an Online Store in Pakistan?

Many people like to invest time and money in establishing an online store. If you are a small business owner and wish to increase your business sales, you should start an online store. In these modern times, many people buy things online, so if you are a seller, you can get more buyers online.

By convention, many people like to start their online stores by hiring website developers or eCommerce experts for a new website. If your online business is service-oriented or offers specific goods to buyers, you can ask the developer for a simple website. The website developers may tailor an eCommerce framework if you want to establish a complete online store with details and pictures of physical products.

Once you get your eCommerce store or website, consult with software experts to keep it up-to-date. Moreover, it is necessary to market the store via digital marketing channels. All these steps to get an online store requires your time, investment, effort, and attention. So we have a solution for you to counter this situation.

PakistanCreates is an online marketplace where you can set up your online store for free. If you run a small business in any city, town, or part of Pakistan and sell made and manufactured in Pakistan products, then this store is necessary for you. It saves a lot of effort and investment that you would have to put in setting up your own online otherwise. How to create an online store at PakistanCreates? Follow these simple steps to sell your products at PakistanCreates in no time!

  • Register your store by filling out the vendor sign-up form on the website. Company representatives will contact you and inform you about further procedures.
  • The company representatives will inform you about the approval of your online store. They will also indicate any other missing or required information.
  • Once your store is approved, company representatives may ask you about a few high-quality pictures and samples of products.
  • Your store will be approved if your products are made or manufactured in Pakistan.
  • After store approval, you will get credentials to manage the store. You can add product details (name, price, picture, description, etc.)
  • Try to upload high-resolution pictures and add the most relevant details to attract more customers.

Your store is all set to make sales now! If there is an order from a customer, you will handle the customer by yourself as it was your store. You can negotiate with the customer and dispatch orders through any courier service of your preference.

Update and look after your store regularly.

What Can You Sell At PakistanCreates?

PakistanCreates is the best platform to sell any handmade or manufactured in Pakistan product. The platform has a motto of promoting Pakistani talent and our products. Therefore, if you are a skilled craftsman, an artisan, a designer, or a small business owner, then you are welcome to PakistanCreates.

People selling any of these items can put up a store:


If you have a clothing business and wish to sell online, PakistanCreates is the best platform to start it. You can sell handmade and unique clothes reflecting the culture of Pakistan on this platform.


At PakistanCreates, you can start selling handcrafted and made-in-Pakistan shoes. Khussa is a cultural identity of Pakistan. These have a high number of sales locally and internationally. If you have a khussa business, you can start selling at PakistanCreates now.


You can sell accessories such as jewelry, scarfs, socks, and mufflers at PakistanCreates. This platform saves you from the hassle of creating a new website/eCommerce store by making your shop at a renowned marketplace.

Health and Beauty

If you run a business of health and beauty products such as skincare essentials, shampoos, body washes, natural soaps, or makeup, you can start a store on this platform. Ensure that your products are made and manufactured in Pakistan and have a natural origin.


Make use of your talent and sell handmade decor products if you can. Wall painting, mirrors, scented candles, and other decors can be up at PakistanCreates for sale.


You can put up your stationery shop at PakistanCreates. Designing, crafting, and preparing small stationery items is the best way to get a profit. These items have a higher number of sales. Cards, magnets, journals, stickers, and notebooks are a few items to start a stationery business.

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