How to Screen Record on Your Chromebook

Chrome OS lacked a built-in screen recorder, forcing users like us to rely on third-party extensions or Android apps. But it was clumsy, involved a lot of steps, and wasn’t always reliable, especially when done through Android apps. Thankfully, 2021 and Chrome OS 89 introduced a redesigned screen capture menu that made partial snapshots easier and included a native screen recorder. This means that recording the screen of your finest Chromebook is easier than ever because it uses the same buttons and menu as taking a screenshot on Chrome OS and provides us the choice to record a single window or a specific region of the screen in addition to fullscreen recording. Here’s How to Screen Record on Your Chromebook.

How to Screen Record on Your Chromebook

Actually, your Chromebook includes a screen capture function that allows you to record the screen without the need for additional applications. With its assistance, you may easily take screenshots and capture movies on your Chromebook. Let’s look at how to find and use it for screen recording now.

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  1. Unlock your tabs on your Chromebook and select “Screen Capture” from the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Then you’ll notice a toolbar where you may begin taking screenshots or recording videos. It also allows you to choose a complete screen, a window, or a specific area.
  3. Select your preferred recording mode, then click the “Record” camera button on your screen to begin recording.
  4. When finished, click the “Stop” button. Finally, you can access your recordings by clicking on the notification window that appears in the bottom right corner.

Use Alternative Apps Chromebook Screen Recorders

Use Alternative Apps Chromebook Screen Recorders

1. Covideo

Covideo has a Chrome extension and an Email login, making it a great screen recorder for Chromebooks. You can screen record directly from your Gmail account or the Chrome web browser. You can immediately insert the video into the body of your email after you finish filming. Your recipient will be taken to a video landing page of your choice when they click on the video. They are able to view your recording in fullscreen mode and click any CTAs you have included at the video’s bottom.

Additionally, you can send Covideo recordings through your preferred CRM system, social media, or text messaging. From your Covideo library, you can edit your videos if you wish to. Your movies can be edited, or you can add captions and annotations. Covideo’s starting monthly price is $49. In conclusion, Covideo is the ideal video email platform for sales and marketing teams to use when speaking with clients and prospects via video email.

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2. Loom

On a background Chromebook or any other device that supports the Google Chrome web browser, you can download the Loom Chrome extension. You may capture your face, screen, and audio with the Loom Chrome plugin. Any videos you capture are added to your team or personal collection. You can distribute films by copying and pasting a brief link, inviting individuals via email to join your video page, posting them directly to social media, or embedding them into a website.

The editing tools in Loom additionally include a sketching tool, cutting, and filler word elimination. Your videos can include CTAs that tell the viewer what to do next. To allow viewers to see a preview before clicking on the video, you may even define a unique GIF thumbnail for your video.

3. Screencastify

The greatest free screen recorder for Chrome is Screencastify. Up to 5 minutes of HD video can be recorded, and they will be instantly stored in your Google Drive account. YouTube may also automatically post videos. You have a variety of options for editing your movies, including trimming, cropping, combining clips, zooming, blurring, and adding text.

A $49/year unlimited membership from Screencastify also includes unlimited recording time. Screencastify is the best economical screen recorder extension with a feature-rich video editor for Chromebooks, whether you select the free plan or the subscription one.

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