How To Screen Record On Mac

Apple added the screen record feature in its Mojave operating system from 2018 in the form of an app called Screenshot. So, if your system has any MacOS post – Mojave and Catalina, you can conveniently record your screen by following these steps:

  • Hold shift + cmd + 5 simultaneously to open the Screenshot app.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find a control bar with options to take a screenshot or film a screen recording. The two icons with a little circle on the corner are the screen recording options—to record the whole screen or only a part of it.
  • If you choose the “Record Selected Portion” option, a box will pop up for you to resize the portion you want to record.
  • Click on “Options” again to select other preferences for your video—like the mic for sound, the location for saving it, and timer if required.
  • Once you’re ready, hit the “Record” button. Or click anywhere on the screen if you’re recording the whole window. In case you’ve set a timer, then wait for the countdown before the recording starts.
  • To end your recording, press control + command + esc simultaneously, or click on the stop icon at the top right corner of your screen or hit command + shift + 5 to get the control bar and click the stop button there.
  • As soon as you stop recording, your video will appear as a thumbnail at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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Built-in macOS tool

  • On your Mac keyboard, press the combination command + shift + 5 (can be used while running any app)
    In the bottom middle of the screen, choose the rectangle with a circle icon to record the whole screen or the dotted-line rectangle with a circle icon to record a selection of your screen
  • Click the Options button if you’d like to enable the microphone, show mouse clicks, select a save location, and more
  • Choose Record to start
  • When you’re done, click the Stop button (circle with square icon) in the menu bar found in the top middle/right of your screen
  • Your recording will show up on your Mac’s desktop by default unless you picked a different save location
    You can also pull up this menu in QuickTime by clicking File > New Screen Recording but the keyboard shortcut is usually faster.

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Screen record on Mac with third-party apps

  • Annotations
  • Quick access overlay
  • Scrolling capture in addition to entire screen, selection, windows, more
  • Freeze screen
  • Robust screen recording
  • Record as GIF
  • Auto-enable Do Not Disturb
  • Show/Hide cursor
  • Hide clutter from your desktop when recording
  • Capture Clicks
  • Capture Keystrokes
  • Upload screenshots and recordings and get a link to share with CleanShot Cloud.
  • Tags
  • Team management features
  • Custom domain and branding

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And two more popular third-party screen record apps for Mac worth checking out include:

  • Snagit – free trial then $63
  • Monosnap – free basic plan or $2.50 or $5/month for advanced and commercial plans

How to screen record on Mac using QuickTime Player

While most Mac users know QuickTime Player as a video player, it also functions as a great screen recorder. The app comes pre-installed on most Mac devices, however you can always download it online.

  • Open the QuickTime Player app and go to the “File” option on the top left corner of your screen. Click on “New Screen Recording.”
  • The screen recording bar will appear. Click on “Options” to set your preferences­ for the microphone, cursor, saving location and timer.
  • Pick your preferred option record the entire screen or a selected portion, and hit “Record.”
  • Once you’re done with the recording, click on the stop icon on the top menu.

With this, your recorded video will get saved on your desktop. If you want to trim it, use the same method as when you trimmed a video recorded through the Screenshot app.

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