How To Save Money on Your Farm This Fall

The last century has seen a dramatic demographic shift in the United States. The population went from being mostly rural to predominantly urban. If you own or run a farm, then you’re in a traditional way of life that’s become a minority but is still crucial to feeding the nation. However, for all its mystique, life on the farm is still a business. You need to know how to save money on your farm this fall.

Run a Fall Festival

Can you set a corn maze up? What about a pumpkin patch? Are tractor rides for families and kids around your farm possible? Think about what you already own and could possibly use for a fall festival environment. It might not take that much investment, and the profits can mean your farm generates revenue during a time of year when you’re already past the growing and harvesting season. Not to mention the goodwill it does for the community. People will come to know and love your farm if you make it a fun place to be.

Buy and Sell Equipment

Do you have any farm equipment you’re not going to need anymore? Selling off your excess can save you money. For that matter, if you’re looking for new equipment, then consider anything new to you instead. Cappel Sales and other farm equipment providers have listings of previously owned farm equipment that can do the tasks you need at a fraction of the price of something just off the factory floor. So take a serious look at your equipment to see if there’s anything that you don’t need anymore. If there is something that you know that you won’t be using often, consider selling it to a used equipment shop.

Let Your Animals Do Work

Is there a spot of weeds that you can’t seem to get rid of? Tether a goat right there, and your problem is solved. Do you have a garden that needs tilling? Put chickens or hogs in there for a while, and it’ll get done. Want to save money on fertilizer? Keep the poop from all your animals and spread it out. Want to get rid of rocks on your land? Put the horses out, and they’ll bring every rock up to the top surface in just a few days. Talk to other farmers in your area or even your vet and see what ideas they have for getting productivity out of animals you already own.

Knowing how to save money on your farm this fall can make your operations more efficient. Hopefully, you’ll attain more prosperity and profitability than you hoped. Your family can live more comfortably, or you can free up resources to expand the farm. You might even accomplish both. Just keep in mind that some of these techniques might also apply to other seasons. So keep your options open and make sure that your revenue streams are diverse enough to weather the storm of winter.

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