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How to Repair PST File in Outlook 2013?

Are you trying to find a way to fix PST files or have you run into a circumstance where you have no idea how to fix Outlook PST files? You can offers the best way to Repair PST File in Outlook 2013 with the aid of the conversation. One needs to understand why the PST files are corrupt before doing this.

Why Do PST Files Become Corrupted?

Hardware Damage: PST files are susceptible to corruption, just like other PST files. PST files may become corrupt for reasons relating to any hardware damage or physical problems.

Outlook abruptly shuts down: We’ve all done it occasionally while still running open programs. It is never a wise decision, especially if you use Outlook. Outlook will occasionally close down while the operation is active.

Extra-large PST: You may be aware that different PST versions have varied PST sizes if you are familiar with Outlook and have used its earlier versions. Additionally, there is a substantial likelihood of corruption when the PST file is larger than allowed.

Virus assault: The virus doesn’t seem to require any introduction. The worst thing that can happen to a user is this. The PST file becomes corrupted when a virus or other malware problem enters.

The article offers two distinct ways to fix an Outlook PST file. The manual technique, known as SCANPST.EXE, is the first method. The second method uses a specialized third-Party product known as Advik PST Repair Tool.

ScanPST.exe can fix PST files

ScanPST.exe is an Outlook built-in tool that is also referred to as an inbox repair tool. The procedures listed below should be followed to continue using the manual technique.

  1. Start by properly closing Outlook before browsing any of the following websites.
  • Outlook 2016:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  • Outlook2013:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • Outlook 2010:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • Outlook 2007:C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

2. The Microsoft Outlook inbox repair tool’s wizard appears when you click it.

3. The next action is to select the browse button located in the top right corner. Start looking for the necessary Outlook PST data files after that. To start the scan, select the start button.

4. Once the scanning process is complete, select the repair option to attempt to resolve any small or large issues.

5. The dialogue window then displays the words “Repair completed.” Select OK by clicking.

SCANPST.EXE’s process has finished, but not in the way that was desired. ScanPST.exe also includes a number of restrictions and downsides.

Why Should You Avoid the Manual Method?

Data loss risk: Although exe is a straightforward process, “to err is human,” and one slip-up can ruin your PST file.

PST size constraints: Users are restricted by ScanPST.exe from creating PST files larger than 2 GB. Therefore, only fix PST files up to 2GB in size. I believe there is a little risk that consumers will have PST files larger than 2 GB.

Restore minor blemishes: It is an internal tool that can only correct slight levels of corruption. Therefore, you must choose a third-party tool if your PST is seriously contaminated.

Technical method: The manual methods process comprises eight stages, and each stage requires technical knowledge.

Easy and Quick Way to Repair PST File

An expert third-party program called Advik PST Repair Tool is available to solve the issues with the manual procedure and provide a practical user-centric solution. One of the cutting-edge tools for fixing Outlook PST data is this one. It offers the convenience of swift operation to repair Outlook PST file without scanpst in a user-friendly interface and supports all Outlook versions.

Why Choose Advik Outlook PST Repair Tool?

Fix damaged/corrupted PST files: This tool can be rapidly recovered by users using this Outlook PST repair solution. The software also restores nearly deleted items from the PST file in addition to PST repair.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy: The program was created using a very sophisticated algorithm and only functions in reading mode. The software maintains the PST files’ original organization and attributes, in other words.

No File Size Limitations: The software has no restrictions on adding numerous or large PSTs because it was created with the demands of the users at the forefront of the development process. As a result, you are free to repair PST files.

Multiple Targets: The software provides well-known file formats and servers to export PST files after the repair and recovery procedure. The PST file can be exported by users into numerous other file formats, including Office 365 and Live Exchange.

Splits the resulting PST file: As we all know, PST files from Outlook are limited to 50GB in size. The software also includes a split feature to get rid of the oversize in the final PST file. With the split feature, users can divide the resulting PST file into the desired size.

Free version:  Before purchasing the commercial version, users can test the Advik Outlook PST Repair tool’s functionality using the trial version. You may also fix PST files and save the first 50 items using the free trial version.

How to Repair Outlook PST Files? – Step by Step Guide

  1. Open the Outlook PST repair tool after installation.
  2. Add the PST files you wish to fix after that.
  3. On the ribbon bar, select Outlook PST.
  4. To save the resulting PSTs, browse the location.
  5. To eliminate undesirable things, use the filter option.
  6. The procedure will begin when you click the Next button.
  7. Click the Finish button after the procedure is finished.


As said earlier, repairing PST files is the answer. We can draw the conclusion that the uncomfortable, laborious manual method does not produce satisfactory results. Therefore, the Advik PST Repair tool is necessary to professionally Repair PST File in Outlook 2013 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.

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