How To Recover Deleted Telegram Account?

Recover Deleted Telegram Account

Telegram is a widely use app, all over the world, and recently the number of users has been increasing, the app has been growing as it consists of a lot of easy to use features. But, there are times when your Telegram gets delete. In case, due to any reason your Telegram account is deleted, there are various ways by which you can easily recover telegram account

Usually, people take the support of third-party apps or domains to recover deleted telegram account, but there is no need to get into the whole mess of using these illegal or third party sites when you can easily access your deleted account.  Now, you may ask how to recover deleted telegram account, that too without taking any external support. So, let me tell you that this method that we are talking about is easy to use and an authentic one. To know about it, just follow the steps below:

Ways to recover deleted telegram account

Step 1: Open Google Chrome 

Just go to your internet browser, you can use any browser and type telegram in the search bar. And click to open Telegram through the browser 

Step 2: Go to Telegram Support 

Now, after moving to Telegram Support, you will find three boxes, one is to enter your problem or issue, the second box will ask you to enter your registered email address and the third box will ask you to enter your Phone number. 

Step 3: Write a brief explanation of your Telegram recovery issue 

Keep in mind to mentions the following points, while writing the request:

  • Write the precise date when you deleted your account 
  • Let them know a reason why you delete your account or tell the theme if it got delete by mistake 
  • Give them a verification, either by mentioning your email or username. 

The points mentioned above will make it easier for Telegram Support to tackle your issues. 

Step 4: Now, after writing a brief description about your issue, and just enter your registered email address, that you might have added at the time then you created your Telegram Account, and fill in your registered phone number.  

You do not need to worry about entering your personal details, as these details will help Telegram support contact you directly, without doubting your account. 

Step 5: Click on Submit tab

Now after entering all the require details, just click on the Submit tab that is shown at the bottom of the page. 

Now, you will have to wait for 24-48 hours and the Telegram Help centre will update you and resolve your issues as soon as possible. To recover your Telegram App, they might verify your account and then direct you to resolve the issues accordingly. After your Telegram account is ready to use, go to telegram sign in and you are good to go.

And if nothing works, you should create a new Telegram account, and use it as a fresh one. To know more about how to recover your Telegram account or to know about signing in Telegram methods or any further details, you can always go to this technical website named  Ityug247. The website is fill with technical or troubleshooting information and much more.

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